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Chemex Chemex Classic Coffeemaker - 6 Cup

Chemex Classic Coffeemaker - 6 Cup

The Chemex coffee brewer produces a very clean, refreshing cup of coffee, due to the conical shape of the top of the brewer as well as thick, natural paper filters which fold to a point. The coffee brews in a thin stream from this single point, creating a clean solution that often highlights the fruity notes of exceptional fresh-roasted coffee.

The brewer itself couldn't be simpler. A glass carafe with a cone-shaped top and comfortable leather-tied wooden collar. Chemex's elegant design has won it a permanent spot in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It makes it a beautiful serving vessel as well as a brilliant brewer.

Capacity: 6 Cups (30oz)
Height: 8 " Diameter: 5"

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