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For those new to the Chemex method of brewing coffee, it has actually been around for decades (along with their trademark carafe, which appears like it was taken from a science lab). The basic idea is to rest a conical filter, composed of much thicker material than regular coffee filters, filled with the right amount of ground coffee, into the carafe – then carefully pour enough hot water to saturate and extract the coffee at an even rate: just enough to get the finer flavours and aromas out without producing too much body or over-brewing to make the coffee bitter.  

Product Summary:
The process of manually brewing a delicious carafe of coffee using Chemex system has long been an art, and cannot always be easily accomplished without some practice and sufficient dexterity. Now, with the release of the ‘Ottomatic’ automatic brewer, Chemex has made the pleasure of drinking coffee brewed with their highly acclaimed methodology available to everyone.

The Ottomatic is not to be confused with regular drip-brew coffee makers or percolators. Rather, its brew head pulses the proper amount of water, at the correct flow rate, over the grinds to emulate what would normally be done using a pour-over (or ‘gooseneck’) kettle in the hands of skilled brewer. Because timing is crucial to obtain good results, the Ottomatic is able to take a lot of the hassle out of doing it yourself, where a single mistake can spoil the batch. For example, it can be difficult to manually pour at the correct flow rate: too much will “drown” and over-dilute the batch, and too little will take too much time and overcook it. The Ottomatic is able to simultaneously shower enough water over the grinds to ‘blossom’ them uniformly, while also pulsing enough water to keep the flow even and steady.  Finally, the machine will automatically time the heating element under the carafe to turn on, preventing the coffee from cooling too quickly before it is ready.

Overall, the process may seem simple, but achieving such excellent results manually using only a pour-over kettle is notoriously difficult. It is still possible to make a good Chemex brew the old fashioned way, given enough practice, but the Ottomatic surely makes the process much easier and more convenient. It is also a very stylish piece of equipment with an attractive minimalist design, which takes up little space and can easily fit in your kitchen or dining room. Reviews of the Ottomatic have been highly favourable, making it highly recommended for those wanting to enjoy the great taste of Chemex brewed coffee without the difficulty of preparing it manually!

Key Benefits:
  • New technology that automatically brews the optimum batch of coffee based on the standard Chemex methodology, using a sophisticated brew head that showers and pulses the coffee to ‘blossom’ it and precisely maintain the proper flow rate.
  • Allows for brewing of 3, 5, 6, or 8 cups – depending on the size of the Chemex carafe you use.
  • Stylish design with lots of functionality, including automatic pre-infusion timer and heating element
  • Made with BPA-free plastic components.
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