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Wilbur Curtis SLG GRINDER


• Fully Automatic Operation.
• Solid State, Dual Range Timers - Ensures precise portion control in all
portion sizes.
• Models ILG & ISLG “Interlock” with Gemini Systems - To create a foolproof
fresh-grind/fresh-brew coffee center.
• Infinitely Adjustable Grind
Settings - From extra-coarse to extra-fine grinding.
• Fully Adjustable Portion Size - 1 oz. to 27 oz. (20 oz. on ILG an ISLG).
• Low-Profile Models: SLG: Single 5 lb. Hopper
• One-Button Grinding - Automatically stops when portion is fully distributed.
• Dual Hopper Models - Lighted select/start buttons begins grinding
process as hopper is selected. No
“two step” process!

• Single Hopper Models - Single select/start switch.

• Positive Flow Auger - For uninterrupted coffee dispensing.

• Self-Adjusting Brew Rails - Easily handle large Gemini brew baskets
and all other basket models and sizes.
• Gemini Match Profile - Wider base than competitive models. Brew rails
never extend beyond housing with larger baskets.
• Large Grinding Burrs - Provide faster more efficient operation.
• Highly Accurate and Consistent Throw - For even distribution, dust reduction.
• Uniform Grind.
• Powerful 1/2 hp Motor - Equipped
with safety circuit breaker.
• Standard 120VAC Operation.

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