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Nuova Simonelli BLACK EAGLE T3 3G Gravimetric

The espresso brew ratio: the relationship between the weight of ground coffee and liquid in the cup.

There is no ideal brew ratio. It varies for each coffee and depends on the baristas goal. Gravimetric technology gives users a higher level of consistency and control over coffee brewing with maximum precision. Baristas can set the weight of ground coffee and liquid in the cup for each blend, and consistently make a great cup of espresso using the same brew ratio. 

1. Baristas set the weight of coffee in the cup

2. Gravimetric technology in the VA388 weighs the cup and the volume of the extracted liquid

3. Software manages the entire coffee brewing process with maximum precision, and the barista can see the principal parameters on the group head display

  • body: supermirror stainless steel 
  • multi-boiler
  • digital pressostat
  • group temperature adjustment
  • high-efficiency extraction system
  • 2 steam wands
  • cool touch wands
  • TFT electronic display
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