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Product Summary:

Like its larger counterpart the Pompei, Izzo’s Alex Leva model is powered by a spring-lever– and is one of our personal favorites. This machine is literally ‘hands-on’ and allows more control than the usual sorts of semi-automatic models available from from competing brands. While less common than other models, these models put the romance back into the art of espresso brewing, and can enable truly outstanding results once the learning curve is overcome. In the hands of a novice it can be a challenge to calibrate the perfect shot, but when used with skill (as it is by many of the world’s top baristas) it can create the finest espressos on earth.
As a single-boiler model, Izzo’s Alex Leva is smaller and intended for home use. At the same time, it is very sturdy, with a larger than average group head, to ensure temperature consistency. We highly recommend this model for true lovers of the classic Italian way of brewing espresso, all from the comfort of your own home.
Feature Highlights:
  • Beautiful, classic Italian design, with stainless steel casing – this machine definitely looks the part, to match its elite reputation.
  • Smooth pulling spring-lever: lowered to pre-infuse then released to smoothly begin the extraction process.
  • PID controller
  • Cup warmer on top of machine, heated by steam.

Key Benefits:

  • Hands-on operation: perfect for those who want to experience all the dynamics of espresso making, with maximum control over each step – from pre-infusion to the last drop of extraction. This is the ultimate high-end spring-lever machine that is practical for home usage.
  • Superior craftsmanship: as a top of the line machine, all the parts are of the highest quality. In the hands of a skilled user, an Izzo Leva machine can produce some of the very best espressos in the world.
  • Easy to maintain: while operating it properly can take skill, the machine itself relies much less on expensive moving or electrical parts, making it much more durable and easier to service.
Asset Account 53
COGS Account 52
Income Account 88
[Espresso Machines] General
Machine Type Semi-automatic Lever
[Espresso Machines] Boiler(s)
Boiler Capacity 5 L
Boiler Temp Control Programmable PID
[Espresso Machines] Water Systems
Reservoir Capacity
Amperage 20 Amps
Voltage 110 Volts
Wattage 1750 Watts
Dimensions & Weight
Product Height (inches) 31
Product Length (inches) 19
Product Width (inches) 14
  • Stainless steel shell
  • Stainless steel double decker cup warmer tray
  • Cup warmer switch, to steam your cups
  • Articulating no burn steam and hot water wands
  • Manual lever action
  • Single PID controller
  • Boiler pressure gauge
  • Direct plumb only!
  • 5 liter boiler
  • Gicar control board
  • 2 3/4" clearance between the drip tray and the portafilter
  • Product Code: IZZO - ALEX LEVA PID
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $4,385.00

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