Courtesy of Caffe Tech, the Alexia is available with a PID controller installed. It has been updated for better performance. Please Note: This PID controller is not available for purchase separately.  Take a look at the list below of the changes and additions we had Quick Mill do to make the renamed Alexia espresso machine not only beautiful but also very functional and extremely reliable: The steam arm: The previous steam arm only swung side to side. We replaced it with a swivel one and added the same two-hole steam tip found on our Anita. The micro-switch under the water tank: We replaced it with the reliable and proven magnetic float sensor we use on the Anita and Andreja Premium. The magnetic sensor is not only very accurate and dependable but by using it, we can eliminate the springs and tray the water tank sets on. By eliminating those two items, the machine is much quieter because there is less to resonate when the pump is activated. Resettable hi-limit: The previous fusible link has been replaced with a resettable hi-limit. In the event the hi-limit is tripped you can correct the cause and simply press down and reset the limit and you are back up and running without having to replace a fuse. The gauge of all of the internal wire: The Eliane as a 110 volt espresso machine draws more current with the same size heating element. Therefore, we increased the wiring size so that it can easily handle the current. The drip tray and its cover: We made it like the one we have on the Anita, Andreja Premium, and Vetrano: Large capacity, no-splash cover, and easy pull-out access. FEATURES
  • PID Single Boiler:
    The Alexia’s PID boiler supplies ample amounts of hot water and steam for all your espresso and milk frothing needs. The brass boiler (capacity 25 ounce) is insulated and has T.E.A. coating for superior temperature stability and protection. The 1400 Watt heating element also gets the machine up to steam temperature faster than any other machine with such a large boiler.

  • Temperature Control:
    Alexia is an Italian espresso machine that insures temp stability and consistent espresso shots. The Alexia has an excellent temperature control with its PID controller which oversees temperature of the water in the boiler. It also works as a timer. 

  • T.E.A. Coated Boiler:
    T.E.A. is a production process which drastically decreases the possibility of metal in the drinks delivered.

  • Water Reservoir:
    The 3 liter water tank can be accessed by lifting the back part of the cup warmer. You may refill the water tank any time during the operation or remove the tank to refill at your tap.

  • Boiler Drain:
    A boiler drain can be accessed to completely drain the boiler in case the machine needs to be stored for a longer period of time, serviced or shipped.

  • Cup Warming Surface:
    Warm espresso cups are essential for great tasting espresso. The Alexia offers a passive cup warming surface on top of the unit to ensure that espresso doesn’t lose temperature when poured into a cold cup.

  • Expansion Valve:
    The Alexia's is famous for having an easy access to the expansion valve, in case it needs to be calibrate. The valve is just under the cup warmer, which can be easily removed.
Width (inches) 11.20"
Depth (inches) 15.70"
Height (inches) 15.20"
Weight (pounds) 37.50 lbs
Water Source Internal Water Tank
Water Tank Capacity (litres) 3 L
Boiler Type Single Boiler
Boiler Capacity (litres) 0.7 L
Power Supply + Absorption

Voltage (V) - 110/120 V

Wattage (W) - 1400 W

Pump Type Vibratory

Four things that you get with Quick Mill Silvano are:

  • 1 Double Spout Portafilter
  • 1 Single Spout Portafilter
  • 1 Single Portafilter Basket
  • 1 Double Portafilter Basket and Blank for Back-flushing.