The newly redesigned and improved Quickmill Anita is a smaller version of the Andreja. The Anita is a semi-commercial heat espresso exchanger machine. 


  • E-61 Group Head:
    The Anita features the extremely well known and widely used E61 group head. The E61 is known for its temperature stability, durability and ease of use.
  • Heat Exchanging Boiler:
    A sizable 1.6 liter, brass and copper plated boiler features a heat exchanger, which allows for simultaneous coffee brewing and milk frothing. The boiler is insulated for increased temperature stability and energy savings.
  • T.E.A. Coated Boiler:
    T.E.A. is a production process which drastically decreases the possibility of metal in the drinks delivered.
  • Professional Gauges:
    The Anita features two professional gauges. Top one indicating pressure in the boiler, lower measuring grouphead pressure while coffee brewing. They are a great feedback tool which let you better understand your machine and improve your final results.
  • Expansion Valve:
    The Anita is famous for having an easy access to the expansion valve, in case it needs to be calibrate. The valve is just under the cup warmer, which can be easily removed.
  • Vibratory Pump:
    Quiet, reliable and delivering right pressure when needed. Quick Mill's pump boost a great performance and also features a unique device to reduce back pressure from the boiler, thereby preventing blocks.
  • No Burn Steam & Hot Water Wands:
    The machine is equipped with no burn steam and hot water wands that can be manipulated without worry about scolding your hands. Also, milk doesn't stick to a dual-walled steam wand as much as to a regular.
  • Water Sensor:
    Level control cuts the power circuit if water is low, with a microprocessor that automatically controls the level of the water tank and boiler. A low water level warning will tell you when you need to refill. Please note: for proper operation it is a must to use water with mineral content.
  • Stainless Steel Housing:
    The Anita is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel (nickel plated chromium) which has a beautiful finish that will stay shiny over time and will not rust.
  • Three Position Switch:
    The Anita now features a three position switch so that you can perform your initial boiler fill without turning on the heating element. This nice safety feature shows Quick Mill's commitment to quality.
  • Water Reservoir:
    eThe 3 liter water tank can be accessed by lifting the back part of the cup warmer. You may refill the water tank any time during the operation or remove the tank to refill at your tap
Width (inches) 11.50"
Depth (inches) 18.25"
Height (inches) 15.75"

Weight (pounds)

47 lbs
Power Supply + Absorption

Wattage (W) - 1400 W

Amps (A) - 15 A

Voltage (V) - 110 v