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  • Central on board computer with controls for brew and boiler temperatures, coffee volumes, water quality, etc.
  • Energy savings standby mode
  • Programming of scheduled maintenance
  • Detection systems including notification of faulty operating systems, safety controls for regeneration Solenoids and safety of insufficient water pressure to inlet connection
  • Computer interface capable
  • Commercial P Stat by Syria
  • Heating element with safety thermostat
  • Boiler pressure release valve (breather valve)
  • IPESL safety valve for boiler
  • Heat exchanger temperature control with warning systems and automatic controls
  • Heat exchangers with removal insert sleeve for easy access and service
  • Thermosyphon circulation for brewing groups
  • Heavy brass brewing groups for greater temperature stability with filters for water sediment
  • Electronic programmability
  • Filter on every delivery unit
  • Volumetric rotary vane pump
  • Electronic water delivery completely programmable with program key for consistent brew volumes
  • Electronic control unit positioned in cool area protected against humidity and heat
  • Incorporated motor and positive-displacement pump, with vibration dampers
  • Patented powerful boiler
  • Hot water delivery care of one the turn style water valve
  • Steam delivery care of two the turn style water valve
  • Body construction of heavy duty steel frame construction to prevent with antitwist unit connections – Metal body panels
  • Double manometer for measuring steam and water pressure
  • Available in 2 colors: ocean blue, silver grey



[Espresso Machines] Boiler(s)
Boiler Capacity 12.0 L
[Espresso Machines] Water Systems
Reservoir Capacity
Amperage 30 Amps
Voltage 220 Volts
Wattage 3700 Watts
Dimensions & Weight
Product Height (inches) 23
Product Length (inches) 20
Product Width (inches) 31
  • Product Code: EL KAPPA WTS
  • Availability: In Stock

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