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  • Beautiful long lasting chrome finish combination.
  • Bakelite handle on portafilter.
  • beautiful Elektra Eagle on top of Dome
  • Three red switches - power, coffee brew, & boiler refill.
  • Large, round base with 10" diameter for stability of unit on countertop.
  • Water level sight glass with pressure gauge.
  • Pump-operated to deliver water to grouphead and to refill boiler.
  • Heat exchanger system with proper temperature to extract the most flavorful espresso beverages!!!.
  • Only assembly required is the attachment of the steam wand.
  • Manual water refill switch for boiler.
  • Boiler pressure relief valve for safety.
  • Durable brass boiler that provides very dry steam for frothing milk.
  • Extended steam wand away from boiler.
  • Twist knob-controlled steam valve for quick turn ons and offs!
  • Three way solenoid valve to relieve pressure in grouphead when finished extracting espresso to avoid "espresso explosion" when removing the portafilter handle.
  • Top loading water basin for easy refill and for continuous water delivery (manual switch by operator) so machine does not have to be shut down like hand lever models.
  • Armour-plated, 800 watt heating element.
  • Automatic pressure/temperature regulator.


Asset Account 53
COGS Account 52
Income Account 88
[Espresso Machines] General
Machine Type Traditional
[Espresso Machines] Boiler(s)
Boiler Capacity 2.0 L
[Espresso Machines] Water Systems
Reservoir Capacity
Amperage 15 Amps
Voltage 110 Volts
Wattage Unknown
Dimensions & Weight
Product Height (inches) 23
Product Length (inches) 10
Product Width (inches) 10
  • Product Code: SXC MICROCASA
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $2,895.00

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