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This is Jura’s most versatile super-automatic espresso machine, with programmable controls to create professional quality espressos, machiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, etc. at the simple push of a button.  The strength, heat, and volume of your drink can be easily adjusted, and created by the machine automatically.  With its ease of use for even the beginner, and its sleek, stylish design, this is a very popular machine for home use.


Feature Highlights:

  • Intelligent Aroma System: This model automatically preserves the aroma of fresh beans and pre-infuses the grounds to maximize flavor during extraction.
  • Easy-to-Use Control System: This is a ‘super-automatic’ machine, meaning that once you have pre-programmed in your settings (i.e. flavor strength and heat) for up to 4 different drink types, they are automatically and precisely made at the push of a single button.
  • Built-in Milk Foamer: Milk froth for cappuccinos, machiatos and lattes is automatically made in the machine, delivering professional quality beverages.
  • Built-in Grinder: Fresh beans are stored inside until automatically fine-ground and precisely measured to brew the perfect dose of espresso.
  • Adjustable Spout: Height can be easily adjusted for different cup sizes.

Key Benefits:

  • Compact: this machine is built mainly for home use, is more compact than most competitor models and takes up less space (making it ideal for urban lifestyles).
  • Energy efficient: energy usage is automatically switched to power-saving mode after 5 minutes, and switched off after 2 hours, saving electricity.
  • Auto Cleaning: one of the main benefits of this ‘super-automatic’ machine is that it cleans/rinses itself (either at regular intervals or on demand), saving you time and effort.
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  • Product Code: IMPRESSA F8
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  • $2,600.00

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