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La Marzocco STRADA EP 2GR


Strada the Italian word for 'street' is a game changer when it comes to espresso machines and espresso technology. Developed and designed "by baristas, for baristas" the Strada isn't only a technological marvel but is also ergonomic and enjoyable to use. Individual boilers for each group head and a separate steam boiler make the steam and coffee brewing capabilities of this espresso machine second to none. Technology leads this machine and makes it one of the best espresso machines on the market. The Strada EP uses computerized programs and gear pumps to make perfect and highly controlled pressure profiling a reality. 'EP' which stands for for 'Electronic Paddle' is the most advance of the Strada line allowing you to develop pressure profiles on your computer and transfer them to your espresso machine. Once these profiles are uploaded to your Strada you can select them to prepare the espresso automatically or you can override the programming and use the EP to manually control the brewing pressure. The Strada EP is a truly remarkable espresso machine and really offers something unique.

[Espresso Machines] Boiler(s)
Boiler Capacity Brew = 1.3x2 L / Steam = 8.2 L
[Espresso Machines] Brew Groups
Group Heads 2
[Espresso Machines] Water Systems
Reservoir Capacity 2.5 Litres
Amperage 30 Amps
Voltage 208-240 Volts
Wattage 4900 Watts
Dimensions & Weight
Product Height (inches) 19
Product Length (inches) 27
Product Width (inches) 32
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