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Nuova Simonelli BLACK EAGLE T3 2G Volumetric

BLACK EAGLE T3 2G Volumetric

T-- The technology that ensures maximum temperature stability of the espresso machine. The quality of a good espresso comes through a correct extraction water temperature. T3 technology ensures a total control of the temperature, in each delivery phase. Strict competitive tests demonstrated Tis the best technology on the market. That's why it is used in the WBC world competitions. With TFT display, baristas have full control of the machine. They can set and monitor shot time, brewing temperature, group temperature, boiler pressure, extra pre-infusion and energy saving. The Push & Pull lever system lets the barista obtain steam in a quick and safe way.

  • body: supermirror stainless steel 
  • multi-boiler
  • digital pressostat
  • volumetric pump & dosage
  • group temperature adjustment
  • high-efficiency extraction system
  • raised groups
  • 2 steam wands
  • cool touch wands
  • TFT electronic display
Asset Account 53
COGS Account 52
Income Account 88
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