Bellezza Bellona Dual Boiler Espresso Machine - 3 Colours


Bellezza Bellona Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

CaffeTech Canada presents the Belezza inizio Leva V Espresso Machine.  Inspired by Italian Design and German Engineering, The Bellezza Espresso Coffee Machines represent a collaborative effort from Canadian importers to design and provide critical input resulting in the manufacturing of a competitive and well built espresso coffee machine. From the Inizio to the Valentina - the Bellezza Espresso Machine range is very extensive and offers many options to satisfy the home espresso coffee Enthusiast.

The Inizio takes German Engineering and pushes it to its limit. This powerful machine is able to steam milk and extract espresso at the same time. It’s truly a machine that will impress friends and family with the drinks you can craft.

For a stunning machine that will create professionally crafted drinks and fit the modern kitchen, the Inizio is a wonderful addition. It's smaller footprint while still being a powerful machine sets it apart from most other heat exchangers. The overall cost further sets the Inizio apart from similar machines. Convenient modern features such as its PID doubling as a shot timer and eco mode if you leave your machine on will allow you to elevate your espresso game.
Originally known as Beberich Kaffeemaschinen in 1975, this family business evolved to Bellezza in 2017. They continue to live up to their motto “Espresso - Tradizione” but are not afraid to step outside of this belief to innovate. The Inizio is their first pride and joy and was designed to exceed the highest expectations.

Well thought out features such as the joystick controls and programmable PID with a built-in shot timer set this machine apart from other heat exchange machines. Taking impeccably engineered German designs and turning it into their own creation, Bellezza is a step up compared to its competition.

Bellezza’s decision to use a heat exchange system allows you to extract espresso at the same time as steaming milk without sacrificing quality. This boiler system is designed for someone who enjoys beautifully crafted drinks that can compete with your local cafe.

Contact CaffeTech Canada today today to assist you in purchasing the appropriate Bellezza Espresso Coffee Machine for your home. In stock and ready to Ship today.

  • 0.5L coffee boiler, 1.0L steam boiler
  • 58mm Saturated grouphead
  • Vibratory Pump
  • PID temperature control
  • Hidden shot timer
  • Stunning modern design

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