Ceado E37S Electronic Espresso Grinder


Ceado E37S Electronic Espresso Grinder

For freshly ground coffee every time. Latest generation electronics, combined with the reliability and innovation of Ceado products, has resulted in a product that keeps all the best qualities of the coffee intact.

    One of our most highly anticipated grinders, Ceado E37S Electronic Espresso Grinder has more programmable options than most competitors. Equipped with a touch screen display and the Latest-generation electronics combine with Ceado's reliability and innovation allow the Ceado E37S Electronic Espresso Grinder to bring out the very best in Coffee extraction capitalizing on consistency. The Ceado E37S Electronic Espresso Grinder ensures the same amount of coffee is delivered shot after shot.  Contact CaffeTech Canada for more  sales information on The Ceado E37S Electronic Espresso Grinder and other Ceado Espresso Grinders


    Steady Lock Grinder
    This system, unique in the world, ensures in any working stress condition a constant distance between the burrs, allowing to keep the chosen grinding consistency.

    Quick Set Revolution
    Revolutionary stepless infinitesimal grinding adjustment for a simpler, faster, more accurate result, making it incredibly simple to obtain the particle size best suited to each type of coffee

    Smart Service
    The anti-clogging system and the easy access to the burrs make maintenance operations simpler and less expensive.

    SCC Control
    Thanks to the innovative SCC, static, and clumping control system, this grinder can bring out the very best in each blend.

    Hands-Free On and Off
    No matter what portafilter you have, including bottomless/naked models, with the standard portafilter catch, leaves your hands free. The coffee doses can be ground into the filter holder while you perform other steps within your brew process.

    Touch display
    The brand-new touchscreen display enhances the elegant design of the E37 family. There are no more buttons to press: with a simple touch, you can get where you need to be, naturally and instantly.

    Silent System
    The innovative mechanical suspension of the motor and the soundproofing make Ceado coffee grinders the quietest on the market.

    Depth 28 cm
    Height 55 cm
    Weight 12.5 kg, 27.55 lbs
    Width 21 cm
    Bean Hopper Capacity 11.28 oz, 320 g
    Bean Hopper Material Plastic
    Best Suited For All
    Burr Material Stainless Steel
    Burr Size 83 mm
    Burr Speed 1400 RPM
    Burr Type Flat
    Colour Various
    Dispensing Method Doserless
    Grind Adjustment Stepless
    Grind Retention Little Grind Retention
    Grind Settings Unlimited
    Has Portafilter Holder Yes
    Made In Italy
    Manufacturer Ceado
    Material Aluminum (Cast)
    Programmable Yes, Time Based
    Sound Level N/A
    Type Of Controls Manual and Digital
    Volts 110 / 120V
    Watts 500 W



    CE Conformity



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