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The PM line is the top of our range. Its versatility, compact shape and ease of cleaning make it the ideal complement to any restaurant.

PM 96 is the ideal machine for large restaurants, canteens and workshops.

DURABLE and easy to use, it is the perfect pasta machine for anyone wanting to make a range of pasta shapes either with or without eggs and in different colours – tomato or beetroot red, spinach green, cocoa brown according to the chef’s creativity – in a short time.

PM 96 has a water cooling Jacket on the Collar where the extrusion  of pasta occurs and this enables a constant temperature to be maintained thus improving pasta quality.

* Drain - Water required 

Product Plus:

  • Its dough tank has a 12 kg capacity.
  • Its hourly extrusion capacity is 25-30 kg of pasta depending on pasta type.
  • It is made with top quality components: tank, auger and mixer are in stainless steel.
  • Auger and mixer are easy to remove for cleaning.
  • The only maintenance required is normal cleaning operations, advisable after each working session.
  • With 4 standard plates, pasta holding basket, an automatic short pasta cutter, wheel carriage complete with fan, pasta holding basket, cleaning accessories, keys, liquid dosers and instruction manual.
  • Built to EC standards.

                          BROCHURE PM 96

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