Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A Espresso Grinder - Black

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BLACK Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A Espresso Grinder

CaffeTech Canada presents the Mazzer Mini Type A. Mazzer is arguably one of the Best if not the Very Best Grinder Manufacturer in the Entire Coffee Industry. The Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A Grinder is the ideal choice for an espresso enthusiasts home, a busy cafe ( decaf Grinder)  or a sophisticated office. The Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A Grinder is an electronic coffee grinder with manual or regulated single and double doses. The Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A Grinder grinds on demand, so every dose of coffee is fresh. The Type A has a touch panel on top of the dosing hopper with simple buttons to press for a single or double dose of espresso. The volume of each dose can be calibrated using a digital timer with increments of 1/20th of a second.

The solid specifications of the Mazzer Mini E Burr Grinder include infinite grind adjustments, powerful 250-watt motor, 64mm high-grade tempered steel burrs and a bean hopper with large capacity. Dose adjustment system (4 grams to 19 grams) allows the user to change the amount of ground coffee dispensed into the filter handle. Made from only high quality materials the Mazzer Mini E is always ready to produce consistent coffee grinds for any purpose.

  • Stepless micrometrical grind adjustment
  • Electronic grinder-doser with flat blades which are suitable for low consumption
  • On demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment
  • Single and double dose with independent adjustment
  • Digital display with shot counter
  • Dosing levels can be adjusted from 5.5g - 9g

 Please note that all of our Mazzer Mini grinders include a shorter hopper. This is the smallest hopper that Mazzer makes and with it the Mini stands 16.5 inches high. It fits 320 grams of coffee. If you prefer a larger hopper contact us

Width 16.8 cm
Height 47 cm
Depth 34 cm
Weight 10.2 kg
Voltage 110/120 V
Wattage 250 W
Coffee Bean Container Capacity 0.6 kg
Burr Type Flat 
Burr Diameter 64mm
Revolutions Per Minute 1400 RPM

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