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Finally a competitive priced Grinder with great quality results.
Manufactured in Venice, an area known for great grinder companies, the F4 is and aesthetically pleasing and well appointed grinder. It allows simple momentary operation and both programmable single and double doses. The Final results are excellent fluffy espresso Coffee that is proper ground and ready for extraction.
This grinder is quiet, and virtually clump free, fast, durable, uniform and consistent. 

Width (centimeters) 16.9 cm
Depth (centimeters) 47.3 cm
Height (centimeters) 24.0 cm
Weight (kilograms) 10.0 kg
Power Supply + Capacity

Wattage (W) - 250 W

Burr Type  Flat
Burr Diameter (millimeters) 58 mm
Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)

1400/min - 50 Hz

1600/min - 60 Hz


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