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The GS3 is the ultimate espresso machine for at-home usage, created by world famous high-end manufactures at La Marzocco. 

This machine is intended for those who want the functionality akin to that found in larger commercial machines often used in restaurants and cafes.

These hand-built machines unlock the full flavour and aroma potentials of gourmet espresso coffees.  La Marzocco’s master craftsmen spare no expense in their designs, offering best-in-class, high performance commercial-grade parts, in a compact, counter friendly body.

    Key Benefits:

    • Perfect for aficionados and lovers of the finest gourmet coffees, for whom having a high-end machine that meets their demanding standards is important. La Marzocco is widely considered the gold standard – the GS 3 MP allows for manual control of pre-infusion and shot volumes. This control is achieved via the use of a brew paddle. The paddle allows for real time manipulation of extraction. 
    • It’s worth noting that unlike with many competitors, La Marzocco’s machines are highly durable and built to last. The GS/3’s boilers, portafilters, and other internal parts are made of stainless steel (instead of chrome-plated brass, or in some cases even plastic).
      This makes them more durable and easier to clean, but more importantly prevents any metallic taste from entering the espresso shots over time (as may happen when chrome erodes from the parts used in cheaper models). 

    Feature Highlights:

    • Twin Boiler System: Unlike most home espresso machines, this model contains 2 separate stainless steel boilers (one to produce steam and the other for brewing), greatly increasing their power and performance and allowing the brewer and steam wand to function simultaneously as with commercial-grade machines.
    • Powerful, No-Burn Steam Wand: This model has a more powerful steam wand than other home models, and is able to quickly create the perfect professional-quality milk micro-foam for lattes, cappuccinos etc.  The no-burn wand prevents milk from burning or sticking on, making cleanup easier.
    • Adjustable Hot Water Temperature: This machine uniquely allows the hot water dispenser (used for Americanos, tea, etc.) to have its water temperature adjusted to the user’s preference using a simple turn-dial.
    • Large Drip Tray: Unlike most home espresso machines that have small/shallow drip trays, the GS/3’s is much larger, reducing the need for constant emptying and cleaning.
    • Semi-Automatic ‘PID’ Control System: The GS/3 has a sophisticated digital PID controller, automatically controlling the temperature of water in the brewer for the perfect, professional quality espresso extraction each time.
    • Large Internal Water Reservoir: Easy to fill, this 3.5L reservoir stores easily behind the drip tray and holds a larger volume than most home espresso machines.
    • Needle valve allows for pre-infusion and manual pressure control throughout shot extraction
    • Contact us directly to find out about customization options
    Height (inches)     14"
    Width (inches)    16"
    Depth (inches)     21"
    Weight (pounds)   72.75 lbs
    Voltage (VAC)    110 VAC
    Amperage (A)   15 A
    Element Wattage (W)   1600 W
    Coffee Boiler (litres)    1.5 L
    Steam Boiler (litres)   3.5 L

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