For its class the Vivaldi II is one of sturdiest and well-built machines in the market, packed full of functionality typically found in higher priced models. It is a dual boiler, single group head machine with highly precise and self-adjusting (to within half a degree Celsius) temperature controls, capable of consistently delivering exceptional espresso shots every time.

Overall this machine packs a punch – and provides an excellent value for its price. While larger than the Mini Vivaldi II, and requiring a bit more effort to set up, it still fits on the average kitchen countertop. We consider the Vivaldi II to be an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced users, and a great upgrade from any entry level models you may be using. With the power and precision of the Vivaldi II you can conveniently and consistently brew the most superb espresso shots from the comfort of your home.

    The Vivaldi II falls under La Spaziale’s S1 lineup of home espresso machines, and is a substantial improvement over the Vivaldi I model it replaces (while offering most of the same core features so praised in the original).

      The Vivaldi II uses a professional rotary pump, requiring it to be plumbed in to operate. It has a powerful no-burn steam wand (4-hole tipped) capable of quickly producing professional quality micro foam. Interestingly, La Spaziale has made all Vivaldi II models capable of running on either 15 and 20 amps (which can be set via an internal switch). Either amperage works great, but for users wanting extra fast boiler recovery time the additional 5 amps makes a noticeable difference.

      Comes with a pre-infusion chamber installed: this allows the pre-infusion time to be customized from 1 to 6 seconds, depending on your preference – this advanced feature usually only available in the highest end (and much pricier) models in the market.

      Highlights + Key Feature Benefits

      • Machine can be programmed to automatically turn on/off during specific times of the day, with electronic boiler refills, and build-in safety sensors to ensure the machine will not overheat.
      • Volumetric dosing to ensure precise water measurements during extraction, resulting in an exceptionally high quality espresso.
      • Cup warmer on top of the machine.
      • Powerful dual boilers allowing for simultaneous brewing and steaming – both the regular and mini versions of the Vivaldi II heat up and recover faster than normal for their class of machine (especially if in 20-amp mode).
      • Precise control over temperature settings: shown and easily adjusted in 1°C increments, allowing for control over both boiler and group head temperature settings, which auto correct within half a degree Celsius.

        Length (inches)  16.3"
        Depth (inches) 16.3"
        Height (inches) 15.2"
        Weight (pounds) 70 lbs

        Boiler Capacity (litres)

            Coffee Boiler

            Steam Boiler




        Power Supply and Absorption

        Voltage (V) - 110

        Hertz (Hz) - 60

        Watts (W) - 2200