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ROCKET Mozzafiato Cronometro R Rocket Fausto Grinder 2.0 Bundle


Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro R Stainless Steel features taken directly from Rocket's commercial espresso machine range give the Evoluzione machines superior technology that is normally only found in full-sized commercial espresso machines. Now with PID temperature control, insulated boilers and the Rocker Espresso 9mm boiler end plates, stability and temperature control is further enhanced. New with the Cronometro version is a shot timer that brings a digital display to the machine so masterfully designed that the Giotto manages to retain it's retro asthetic. The use of a rotary pump ensures quiet yet robust pump performance and allows the user to have the machine draw water from internal machine reservoir or alternatively connect the machine directly to the water supply. Learn more

The Rocket Fausto 2.0 Polished is the first, independent grinder released by the Rocket Espresso. It has a nice and simplified look, electronic dosing, stepless adjustments and large burrs. It compliments any semi-automatic espresso machine. Learn more


Ace Coffee No.1 espresso 340g is where it all started. It was the first example of modern Italian espresso in Edmonton developed by ACE to showcase the best elements of our green coffee that we purchase. The No.1 espresso uses trademarked coffees a staple in our repertoire: Nicaragua El Ceibas and Brazil Paineira Rosa. It also features micro-lots that score >86pts that rotates with the seasons to bring peak flavour. Learn more


Ace Coffee No.3 espresso 340g exemplifies southern Italian espresso culture using specialty grade coffee, making it our most popular espresso blend. The No.3 comprises trademarked coffees to create an espresso defined by a heavy mouthfeel, low acidity, and decadent richness. Learn more



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