Mythos Plus



The Mythos Plus Espresso Grinder, also known as the Mythos Veloce, includes all of the great components that make up the Mythos Basic. However, the Mythos Plus has the same 83 mm titanium coated grinding burrs as the Mythos Clima Pro Grinder and an adjustable built-in dynamometric tamper that will allow consistency in the tamp, three programmable dose settings, and micro-metric grind adjustment.



  • 3.2 kg Transparent hopper 
  • Hopper with separate compartments
  • Multilingual LCD
  • 3 programmable doses + extension
  • Safety system for hopper extraction
  • Stepless grinder
  • Adjustable tamping pressure (0-22Kg)
  • Operating switch
  • Fork holder in stainless steel with dual position
  • Removable coffee drip tray



18.8 cm
Depth 49.7 cm
Height 59.5 cm
Weight 20.0 kg
Power Supply + Capacity


Wattage - 800 W/1050 W

Hertz - 50 Hz/60 Hz

Voltage - 230/220 V

Burr Type Titanium coated
Burr Diameter 75 mm
Revolutions Per Minute 1700 RPM

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