The Andreja Premium is Quickmill’s flagship heat-exchange boiler model. This is a fantastic machine, capable of brewing and steaming at the same time. This machine is also very sturdy, centered around a commercial grade E-61 group head and an insulated copper boiler, providing all the power you will ever need to produce top-notch espresso shot and professional quality foamed milk. The Andreja Premium has also undergone a recent redesign, adding extra features.

As a semi-automatic heat-exchange boiler model, there is a bit of a learning curve involved to time the shots compared to higher priced dual boiler and/or volumetric dosing models. Therefore, it may take a bit of practice before you can use the Andreja to its full potential. Nevertheless, this model is comparatively forgiving due to its high levels of internal temperature stability. Once you get the hang of it you can consistently pull shots as good as (or better than) most of those you will find at your average café or restaurant.

In the end, there are many good reasons to choose this machine, whether you are in the ‘prosumer’ market and want to pull exquisite shots that bring out the best in your favorite coffee blends, or just starting out and want to experience the joys of learning how to brew your own espresso with a proper machine built with commercial-grade components. Like most Quickmill machines, the Andreja is a fantastic value for the price in its category and will not break the bank. It is also built to last, which is important for any investment. We recommend this model to many customers, and the reviews received are universally favorable.


  • The Andreja is built a hand-built machine, with curved stainless steel casing and high quality, commercial-grade components; no cheap plastic parts that wear out or melt within the first 2 years of operation. 
  • 52 Watt vibratory pump (Ulka brand): higher performance, much quieter than lower wattage pumps, and does not wear out nearly as quickly.
  • Built-in high-limit sensor: protects the heating element with an easy-access, resettable circuit breaker switch (no need to replace fuses).
  • Vacuum breaker valve: eliminates risk of ‘vapour lock’ if machine is put on a timer.
  • No-burn steam wand and hot water dispenser.
      Width (inches) 11.5"
      Depth (inches) 17.5"
      Height (inches) 16.0"
      Weight (pounds) 46 lbs

      Water Tank Capacity (litres)


      Power Absorption

      Wattage (W) - 1400 W

      Voltage (V) - 110/120 V

      Amps (A) - 15 A