Walnut Wood Kit for Rocket Espresso Machines



Premium handcrafted wooden accessories for your Rocket espresso machine. The set includes:

  • 1 portafilter handle (or optionally, the whole portafilter)
  • 2 knobs (hot water and steam)
  • 1 brewing lever knob

Please note that original Rocket portafilter handles are installed using a thread sealer and extremely difficult to remove without damaging the old handle. If you are unable to remove the old handle please order the entire portafilter.

This kit is compatible with Rocket espresso machines that have the new style valves that have a nut, but not with the older style valves that are held in place using a c-clip

Please note that this product is made out of natural wood and that there will be variation in colour and woodgrain between different samples

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