Company Profile: Quick Mill


The redesigned Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo takes the formidable feature set of the Quick Mill Andreja Premium to the next level. By upgrading the vibratory pump to a commercial rotary pump and adding an optional drain hook-up to the drip tray, the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo also has the option of being used in a low-volume commercial setting.

Wrapped around beautiful stainless steel, the Quick Mill Achille espresso machine is a heavy duty, p..

We started with a model Quick Mill already manufactured called the Eliane. Eliane is an excellent si..

Product Summary:The Andreja Premium is Quick Mill’s flagship heat-exchange boiler model. Th..

Product Summary:The Andreja Premium is Quick Mill’s flagship heat-exchange boiler model. This i..

We have been working with Quick Mill for many years now and we have to say it has been a pleasure. W..

Based in world capital of espresso drinking, Milan, Italy, Quick Mill is probably the best Italian espresso machine brand you’ve never heard of! Despite its somewhat equivocal sounding English name, “Quick Mill” is actually a well recognized brand in Italy and one of the original powerhouses in the industry. In Europe, it is well understood by those in the know that a Quick Mill machine is the ultimate “work horse”: highly durable, capable of being run around the clock, and rarely breaking down. They are also remarkably stylish, and are beloved by traditionalist espresso lovers who prefer to brew their drinks the real Italian way. Unlike most other Italian brands that standardize their products for international markets, Quick Mill machines are built with the most demanding Italian espresso drinkers in mind – which is to say the standards of performance are set very high!

Quick Mill models stocked by Caffe Tech are mainly those intended for home use (for commercial models, please inquire). Quick Mill is a rather around the map in terms of their product offerings, from high-end ‘prosumer’ models for serious espresso drinkers, to cheaper entry level models. They also offer super-automatic machines on one side of the spectrum, and manual lever machines on the other. One reason that Quick Mill machines are such a great value for their price is that they rely more on distributors to bring their products to market, and are unable to lean on their brand name as much outside of Italy. Nevertheless, feature for feature Quick Mill machines are genuinely capable of outcompeting most of their rivals, providing some of the best value purchases you can find anywhere for new machines.

We recommend Quick Mill as a strong mid-to-upper level brand. Nearly all of their products are high performing in their categories, and rarely will you ever regret purchasing one. That said, if you are looking for a top-of-the-line luxury model (where money is no object), or alternatively a basic model at the cheaper side of the spectrum, then you might want to look at other brands. If you are looking for a machine that will work amazingly well and last forever, without breaking the bank, then Quick Mill is hard to beat. Overall, they are one of the better brands available, whatever your needs, and one of Italy’s best kept secrets!

Since 1945 the trade mark Quick Mill is known nationally as well as internationally. The company is specialized in the planning, development and production of coffee machines, coffee grinders and other products.

Quick Mill is known internationally for the specialized production of coffee machines and coffee grinders. The philosophy of Quick Mill is simply to offer quality products with a neat and essential design, extremely functional and simple to use. Quick Mill specializes in the planning, development and production of coffee machines and coffee grinders.