Product Summary:The Rancilio Silvia M is one of the top selling, most popular home espresso machines..

 Beautiful long lasting brass and copper finish combination.Bakelite handle on portafilter.Thre..

Product Summary:One of the higher-end espresso machines on the market intended for home use, the han..

Product Summary:This is the ultimate espresso machine for home usage, created by world famous high-e..

Product Summary:The latest Oscar (II) model from Nuova Simonelli is a more stylish, chrome-plated ma..

Grind-on-Demand:• Freshly ground portion grinding directly into the port-a-filterPortioning:• El..

Stepless micrometrical grind adjustment.Extremely low blad speed (1600 rpm).Motor output 250 watt.Gr..

Small & Powerful:• Suitable for extensive use in coffee shops, depots and coffee roasters• A..

  Power - 350 watt Flat burr grinding blades - 64mm Grinding blade/burr speed -1600 r.p.m. (60 ..

The PEAK is the result of an exceptional coffee grinding expertise. It combines utmost functionality..

 Power - 650 WattGrinding blades - 83 mm (3 1/4 inches)Grinding blade speed - 1400r.p.m.(50Hz) ..

 Power - 350 WattConical grinder burrs - 63mmGrinding blade speed - r.p.m. 420 (50 HzCoffee-bea..

Automatic Operation On/Off and Bag Interlock Switch - machine willgrind only when bag is in placeâ€..

G3 Digital Control Modulecomplex flavor from simple controls.  Precise, digital fine-tuning of ..

Precise “gourmet” control over all critical functions The G3 Digital Control Moduleprovides you ..

Precise “gourmet” control over all critical functions -The G3 Digital Control Module provides yo..