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PRO 300


The Profitec 300 is a semi automatic espresso machine.  It controls both the steam and espresso boilers with separate set temperatures. The advanced PID boiler allows for separate boilers for the respective production of steam and espresso. Steam and espresso production can be performed simultaneously with full control over the temperature of each boiler.
It has a great steel blue colour that matches the machine beautifully and it has a feature not seen before in machines of this class; it acts as a shot timer. When you raise the lever to extract your coffee the advanced PID system allows the display to turn into a timer. 
The Pro 300 comes with two portafilters, a tamper, a blind basket, a brush, a cleaning cloth and a set of manuals.


  • Professional Gauge
    The Profitec Pro 300 features a professional gauge which indicates pressure in the boiler. It is a great feedback tool which let you better understand your machine and improve your final results.

  • Dual Boiler Operation care of 2- .35 ltr and 1.25ltr boilers harnessing 1800 Watt power consumption. 
  • Vibratory Pump
    Quiet, reliable and delivering right pressure when needed. Profitec's pump boost a great performance and also features a unique device to reduce back pressure from the boiler, thereby preventing blocks.

  • No Burn Steam & Hot Water Wands
    The machine is equipped with no burn steam and hot water wands that can be manipulated without worry about scolding your hands. Also, milk doesn't stick to a dual-walled steam wand as much as to a regular.

  • Water Sensor
    Level control cuts the power circuit if water is low, with a microprocessor that automatically controls the level of the water tank and boiler. A low water level warning will tell you when you need to refill. Please note: for proper operation it is a must to use water with mineral content.

  • Stainless Steel Housing
    The Profitec Pro 300 is housed in a highly durable and very beautiful AISI 304 stainless steel case.

Height  (inches) 15.16"
Width (inches) 10.00"
Depth (inches) 18.70"
Weight (pounds)  39.7 lbs

Wattage (W)  


1800 Watt