Appia Life Semi-Automatic

Size: 1 Group
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Simple, Modern, Precise

Suitable for: Medium - High volume locations, demanding professionals.

The Appia Life Semiautomatic builds on the success of the Appia Semiautomatic, further pushing the limits of the already proven espresso machine.

SemiAutomatic: The Appia Life semiautomatic is our basic model of the Appia Life series. While it may lack in some technical features, this machine is more than capable of delivering high quality espresso, especially at the hands of a well-trained barista. Being a semiautomatic the machine is in complete control of the barista during the extraction processes requiring them to both start and end it.

  1 Group
2 Group
2 Group Compact
Height 22" 21" 20"
Length 16" 31" 22"
Depth 21" 22" 21"
Weight 92.6 119 119
Power 110V/13A/1500W 220V/17A/3400W 220V/14A/3000W
Boiler Capacity 5L 11L 7.5L
Boiler Material Copper Copper Copper

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