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Ditting 807 Grinder 

CaffeTech Presents the Ditting 807 All purpose coffee grinder. This grinder is by far the most versatile grinder in the Ditting lineup. The grinder is an upgrade from the 804 with a much more sleek and modern design. 

It features easy internal access, utilizing a thumb screw under the hopper lid.  The Ditting  807 is fitted with a micro referenced adjustment wheel in aluminum. This allows for the user to find a more precise, grind setting as a reference point for future grinding. The Ditting 807 uses an Electronic switch that if left in operation will automatically turn off after a prescribed time limit. 

At the front of the grinder , the Ditting 807 features an adjustable basket holder to a maximum width of 10 inches in order to accommodate a variety of different brew baskets from various manufacturers, such as Fetco and Wilbur Curtis.  The forks are also adjustable vertically to accommodate the depth of varying brew baskets. 

A bag clamp and knocker round out the flexibility by allowing for single shot, dosing, as well as retail coffee bag grinding. The Ditting 807 offered by CaffeTech is truly a solid and well built versatile coffee grinder. 

The Ditting 807 features an 80 mm special steel burr set that can be interchanged for the 80 mil cast iron. Burr set featured on the 807 Ditting “Sweet “version. These burrs combined with two cooling fans give the Ditting 807 the capability of grinding, approximately 3000 kg of coffee before requiring a Burr set swap.  Easy to clean and simple to operate please contact Sales@caffetech.com for more information on the Ditting 807  and to learn more about other Ditting grinders that can suit your professional coffee bar needs. 

  • grinds up to 15 kg. per day
  • Optimized for grinding into retail coffee bags
  • Premium quality hardened steel burrs for high and reliable grinding performances
  • Cutting-edge burr geometry for precise grinding
  • Extra-wide range of grind size adjustments from turkish fine up to very coarse (cold brew)
  • Adjustable slide providing a centered an even distribution in the basket
  • Height- and width-adjustable filter basket support suitable for any common filter basket size and shape
  • Characteristic anodized aluminum adjustment wheel for convenient and accurate setting between 130µm - 1.400µm
  • Durable high-performance motor with a high average performance of 450 grams per minute
  • Temperature management with two active fans for a steadily higher performance at significantly lower temperature
  • Acceptably quiet grinding sound for minimal customer impairment
  • Modular construction with easy burr access for quick and convenient maintenance
  • Elegant shaping and high-class materials reflecting the highly esteemed Ditting standards
Country of Origin: Germany
Burr Material: Wear-Resistant Steel
Burr Size: 120 mm
Burr Life: 25,000 lbs
Hopper Capacity: 2.4 lbs
Grind Speed: 1400 g/min
RPM: 1400 (50Hz)
Power: 120V/1600W/13A
Motor: 1.8HP
Dimensions: 34 in. (H) x 12.5 in. (W) x 16 in. (D)
Weight: 88 lbs

Ditting Grinder Comparison Chart

Model: 807 Retail 807 Filter 807 Lab Sweet KR1203 Retail KR1403 Retail KFA1403 Retail KFA1403 Industrial
Application: Retail bag grinding, up to 30lbs per day Retail bag & batch brew basket grinding, up to 30lbs per day. Retail bag grinding & single dosing for cupping, pour over or espresso, up to 30lbs per day Retail bag grinding, up to 60lbs per day Retail bag grinding, up to 100lbs per day Roasting facilities, up to 100lbs per day. Roasting facilities, up to 100lbs per day.
Hardware: Vibrating plate Adjustable forks & slide chute Folding platform, metal grounds catch Vibrating plate Vibrating plate Extended chute, slide gate Extended chute, built-in shutoff valve
Grind Size Range: 130µm-1,400µm 130µm-1,400µm 100µm-1,200µm 300µm-900µm 200µm-1,100µm 200µm-1,100µm 200µm-1,100µm
Output (lbs/min/800µm): 2 2 2 5 8 8 8
Burr Lifespan (lbs): 5,500+ 5,500+ 15,000+ 15,000+ 15,000+ 15,000+ 15,000+
Hopper Capacity (lbs): 1.1 1.1 1.1 2.4 2.4 2.4 22
Duty Cylcle: 45 Sec On/180 Sec Off 45 Sec On/180 Sec Off 45 Sec On/180 Sec Off Continuous run Continuous run Continuous run Continuous run
Power: 120v, 60hz, Single Phase, 6A 120v, 60hz, Single Phase, 6A 120v, 60hz, Single Phase, 6A 120v, 60hz, Single Phase, 13A 220v, 60hz, Three Phase, 10A 220v, 60hz, Three Phase, 10A 220v, 60hz, Three Phase, 10A
Dimensions WxDxH (inches): 9 x 14 x 27 9 x 14 x 27 9 x 14 x 27 12 x 16 x 34 12 x 16 x 34 12 x 16 x 34 13 x 16 x 29

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