DK27 LVS Industrial Grinder


Mahlkonig has been producing hand-made electrical grinders and graters since 1924 and each and every creation of Mahlkonig, undoubtedly reflects the perfect marriage of form and function.


- small space requirement
- movable container for the ground product
- tight discharge chute for dustreduced grinding
- large hoppers
- lock plate to interrupt the feeding of the product to be ground
- integrated hopper magnets as a protection against metal in the product
- powerful three-phase motors with surface cooling and high starting torque. This makes them very suitable for continuous use
- air cooling of grinder casing
- service-free, constantly greased bearings
- motor protection against electrical overload
- extremly wear resistant, precision grinding discs for careful cutting of the material
- the grind adjustment wheel provides fine, accurately repeatable control of the degree of grinding finess.

NOTE Similar to type 15 but with greater capacity. The mobile container with a capacity of approx. 53 gal (200 litres) simplifies transport of the ground product. Grinding discs made from wear resistant steel provide fine and cool grinding.
Width 31.1"
Depth 48.4"
Height 63"
Weight 341.7 lbs.
Voltage 208-220 volts
Amperage 25 amps

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