ECM Classika Espresso Machine


ECM Classika Espresso Machine

The ECM Classika Espresso Machine offered by CaffeTech allows for the atmosphere of an Italian espresso bar in any kitchen. The Classika is the perfect single-boiler machine even for small spaces, satisfying the highest demands, perfect espresso preparation and absolute espresso pleasure.

CaffeTech presents the ECM Classika Espresso Machine, a timelessly elegant classic in a clear stainless steel design. The Classika allows the home barista to individually program the temperature of the boiler for preparing espresso or coffee via the PID control. Utilising a PID temperature control, an E61 brewing group and a vibratory pump, the ECM Classika is one of the top single boiler prosumer espresso machine in its class.

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    • E61 Group Head: The ECM Classika features the extremely well-known and widely used E61 group head. Noble design and outstanding technology. Due to its unique construction, water spillings are avoided. The practical aspect: the extended brewing group lever is even handier.
    • PID Single Boiler: The Classika is a single boiler dual-purpose machine. One boiler performs both espresso and steam functions. The boiler is controlled using a PID which is a digital thermostat that keeps the temperature very stable. The boiler is heated by a 1200 W heating element.
    • Professional Gauge: The ECM Classika features a professional gauge. It indicates pump pressure. It is a great feedback tool that lets you better understand your machine and improve your final results.
    • Vibratory Pump: Quiet, reliable, and delivering the right pressure when needed. ECM's pump boosts a great performance and also features a unique device to reduce backpressure from the boiler, thereby preventing blocks.
    • Perfect Pressure: Manual adjustment of the brewing pressure through an adjusting screw on top of the machine body. The individual setting according to the type of coffee, the grinding degree, or your taste allows a perfect coffee result.
    • PID Controller: ECM Classika has excellent temperature control with its PID controller. The PID doubles as a shot timer as well.
    • Large Drip Tray: Drip tray with even more capacity and more space - even for big cups. Creates more convenience for coffee preparation avoiding annoying spillings on the countertop.
    • Barista Feeling: The new chromed filter holder is a real highlight in design and material. The ergonomic and weight-balanced shape improves handiness and comfort.
    • Stainless Steel Housing: The ECM Classika is housed in a highly durable and very beautiful AISI 304 stainless steel case.
    • Accessories: The ECM Puristika comes with a double-spout portafilter, a 1-cup filter, a 2-cup filter, a blind filter, a tamper, a cleaning brush and a manual.
    Width 9.8 in (248.92 mm)
    Depth 17.6 in (447.04 mm)
    Height 15.6 in (396.24 mm)
    Weight 40.8 lbs (18.5 kg)
    Boiler Capacity 0.79 gal (0.75 L)
    Water Tank Capacity 2.96 gal (2.8 L)
    Voltage 110/120 V
    Wattage 1200 W
    Water Source Water Tank
    Pump Vibratory



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