ECM Mechanika Max PID Espresso Machine

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ECM Mechanika Max PID Espresso Machine

CaffeTech presents the ECM Mechanika Max PID Espresso Machine. The ECM Mechanica Max is the newest creation for ECM who is based in Heidelberg Germany.. Aside from Its compact and aesthetically beautiful design, the ECM Mechanika Max offered through CaffeTech Canada is very innovative in controlling temperature stability through  the new heater exchanger flush feature. Firstly , the machine  features an intelligent design, where two PID probes are carefully placed in different areas of the machine. The first being on the primary boiler and the second being close to the group heat exchanger loop allowing for a very stable brew temperature

Secondly in the operation of the ECM  Mechanika Max , when idle the machine falls into a brew temp control mode ( BTC)  with the pressure gauge falling below 1 bar but once a steamed milk beverage is required a quick touch of the controls takes you back to  Steam pressure temperatures of 1.2 Bar or higher.  There’s three different BTC modes that can be selected to operate the ECM Mechanika Max . Working in the lowest BTC mode gives you the most temperature stability at the group, but once in the max BTC mode you’ll need to rely more  on the heat exchanger flush advisor . 

Furthermore, the ECM Mechanika Max flush advisor function is  provides the user interactive information care of the digital screen located on the face of the machine. Three bars are activated on the top part of the display on the digital readout when the machine is too hot for brewing coffee. The user has to simply lift the lever and perform a heat exchanger flush until the digital reading(3 bars ) is restored. This indicates that the machine is ready to brew coffee again at the correct and desired temperature.  

Conversely, the flush water advisory will indicate when the machine heat exchanger is too low of a temperature to extract proper coffee. This will be displayed by 3,indicator bars on the lower portion of the digital display. 

In all cases, the interactive display of the flash advisor will always provide you the “RDY “ (ready) indication  when the heat exchanger is ready to brew optimum coffee. 

Built in to the Mechanika Max is two programmable pre-infusion cycles . Active ( use of pump ) pre-infusion can be programmed from 1 to 10 seconds in the portable mode. In the direct Fill mode the Mechanika Max may be used in one of two ways ; after the phase active pre-infusion the passive infusion may be activated within a specific time range  or you can strictly use the passive pre-inclusion without any active pressure. 

At CaffeTech Canada we highly recommend the use of a pressure regulator, whenever using passive pre-infusion for better and more accurate results . 

What completes the Mechanic Max machine design is an easily accessible menu with the use of the scroll arrows . All the functions of the machine can be set or deployed from these two arrows. The LED read out give you the reading and dad are necessary to exit and enter any of the programming stages .

Please contact for more information on the ECM Mechanika Max PID Espresso Machine to learn more about other ECM Espresso Machines that can suit your home espresso needs. 

New Features
  • Dual Mode Programmable Preinfusion
  • Heat Exchanger Flush Advisor
  • Brew Temperature Control


  • E61 Group Head: The ECM Mechanika Max features the widely used E61 group head, well known for its temperature stability.
  • Heat Exchanging Boiler: A sizable 2.1 L, insulated stainless steel boiler features a heat exchanger, which allows for simultaneous coffee brewing and milk frothing. 
  • Professional Gauges: The ECM Mechanika Maxfeatures two new, larger professional gauges. The first indicates pump pressure, whereas the second displays boiler pressure. Both are great feedback tools that let you better understand your machine and improve your final results. 
  • Rotary Pump: The  ECM Mechanika Max features a rotary pump that is whisper quiet, delivers even pressure, is easily adjustable and is more durable.
  • Perfect Pressure: The pump pressure can be adjusted easily via a screw underneath the machine, without needing to open the body panel.
  • PID: Now equipped with a PID, the Technika V Profi PID lets users control brew temperature precisely. The PID display also doubles up as a shot timer and displays a cleaning reminder.
  • Water Sensor: Level control cuts the power circuit if the water is low, with a microprocessor that automatically controls the level of the water tank and boiler. A low water level warning will tell you when you need to refill. Please note: for proper operation, it is a must to use water with mineral content.
  • Large Drip Tray: Drip tray with even more capacity and more space - even for big cups. It creates more convenience for coffee preparation avoiding annoying spillings on the countertop.
  • Barista Feeling: The new chromed filter holder is a real highlight in design and material. The ergonomic and weight-balanced shape improves handiness and comfort. 
  • Joystick Style Knobs: Joystick style knobs are the latest trend in the industry. Instead of using taps that have to be turned on and off the Technika V Profi PID features the instant on/instant off joystick style wands. These are also nice because they cannot be over-tightened. The Technika V Profi PID features upgraded joystick knobs to match the rest of the machine's look.
  • Stainless Steel Housing: The ECM Mechanika Max is housed in a highly durable and very beautiful AISI 304 stainless steel case.
  • Accessories: The ECM Mechanika Max comes with a double-spout portafilter, a single-spout portafilter a 1-cup filter, a 2-cup filter, a blind filter, a tamper, a cleaning brush and a manual.

    Recommended Application Home / Residential
    NSF Certified No
    Display Type PID
    Pressure Gauges Brew and Steam
    Type of Controls Brew Lever, PID
    Cup Warmer Material Stainless Steel
    Cup Warmer Size (L-in x W-in) 10.5 x 9.5
    Cup Warmer Passively Heated
    Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable) Yes
    Drip Tray Capacity (oz) 35 fl-oz
    Drip Tray Cover Material Stainless Steel
    Drip Tray Material Stainless Steel
    Removable Drip Tray Yes
    Portafilter Baskets Included Single, Double, Backflush
    Frame Material Steel
    Housing Color Polished Stainless
    Housing Material Stainless Stainless
    Maintenance Alerts Yes
    Recommended Descaler Type Urnex
    Recommended Water Filter BWT Bestmax Protect
    Depth (Inches) 17.5
    Height (Inches) 16
    Weight (Lbs) 51.8
    Width (Inches) 10.8
    Bottomless Portafilter Available Sold Separately
    Filter Diameter (mm) 58mm
    Portafilter Handle Material Plastic
    Portafilter Material Chrome Plated Brass
    Number of Portafilters Included 2 (Single and Double)
    Ground, E.S.E., Pod and Capsule Compatibility No
    Portafilter Type Commercial Style
    Portafilter Weight (lbs) 2lb
    Portafilter Diameter 58mm
    Pump Type Rotary
    Warranty Service Provider Email
    Warranty Service Provider CaffeTech Canada
    Warranty Service Provider Phone Number 780 414-1200 EXT 2
    Manufacturers Warranty Period 2 Years Parts and Labor
    Volt 110/120V
    Steam Boiler Auto-Fill Yes
    Steam Boiler Heater Location Internal
    Steam Boiler Insulation Yes
    Steam Boiler Material Stainless Steel
    Steam Boiler Orientation Vertical
    Steam Boiler Volume (Oz) 1.9L
    Steam Wand Features No-Burn
    Steam Tip Hole Count 2
    Steam Wand Material Stainless Steel
    Steam Wand Movement Type Fully Articulated
    Steam Wand Commercial Style
    Water Reservoir Access Location Top
    Water Reservoir Capacity 3 Liters
    Water Reservoir Features Removable
    Water Reservoir Material Plastic
    Water Source Reservoir or Plumb
    Maximum Incoming Water Pressure (PSI) 2 Bar



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