ECM Puristika Espresso Machine Black


ECM Puristika Espresso Machine - Black

CaffeTech presents the ECM Puristika Espresso Machine.  If you are looking for a serious espresso machine in a compact space then the ECM Puristika is a perfect machine for you.  The ECM Puristika espresso machine offers a short heat-up phase, prominent blue expansion valve for adjusting brewing pressure individually and external water tank. These make the Puristika a unique espresso machine. The ECM Puristika offers a high-quality stainless steel boiler and pump-pressure gauge for extra precision.

The ECM Puristika Espresso Machine offered by CaffeTech comes equipped with PID temperature control, as the ECM Puristika was designed specifically for espresso purists looking for a prosumer home espresso machine capable of precise adjustments in temperature. The expansion valve adds control of the brew pressure while taking up very little space on the kitchen counter. The single boiler Puristika is intended for the consumer focussed on espresso and is not recommended for entertaining or customers whose preference is milk based drinks.

With the Puristika, you can enjoy the highest level of espresso quality without sacrificing convenience or taste. The transparent external water tank makes it easy to keep water constantly available for the machine and the compact design allows for easy storage in small spaces. A PID and brew pressure adjustment valve help you fine-tune your espresso to perfection.

Please contact for more information on the ECM Puristika Espresso Machine and to learn more about other ECM Espresso Machines that can suit your home espresso needs. 

  • Ready to Brew: The 0.75mL stainless steel boiler provides quick heat-up and recovery times, unlike the 20 minutes or more needed by most prosumer espresso machines.
  • Adjustable Pressure: The Puristika uses an external pressure adjustment valve that makes brewing pressures easy to adjust with a simple turn of a knob.
  • External Water Tank: The 2 L glass tank is transparent and located outside the machine, helping to ensure refills are easy, and you willl never have to guess if there is enough water in the tank.
  • PID Temperature Control: Stable and adjustable brew temperature is key to brewing great espresso. The Puristika features a PID for stable, precise temperature control that you can adjust via a digital controller on the front of the machine.
  • Brew Pressure Adjustment Valve: The easy-to-access brew pressure adjustment valve lets you fine-tune your espresso, allowing you to increase or decrease the pressure to extract the perfect shot.
  • Aesthetics: The machine has a distinct, modern look with its sleek design and blue accents on the gauge and expansion valve. A rounded anthracite housing and external glass water reservoir complete the machine's aesthetic appeal.
  • Accessories: The ECM Puristika comes with a double-spout portafilter, a 1-cup filter, a 2-cup filter, a blind filter, a tamper, a cleaning brush and a manual.
Width 7.7 in (195.58 mm)
Depth 13.7 in (347.98 mm)
Height 12.4 in (314.96 mm)
Weight 29.54 lbs (13.4 kg)
Boiler Capacity 0.20 gal (0.75 L)
Water Tank Capacity 0.53 gal (2.0 L)
Voltage 110/120 V
Boiler Type Single Boiler
Water Source External Water Tank
Pump Type Vibratory



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