Eureka Mignon Libra Espresso Grinder w/ Grind by Weight - Chrome

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Eureka Mignon Libra Espresso Grinder w/ Grind by Weight - Chrome

CaffeTech Canada introduces the Mignon Libra. The Eureka Mignon Libra is the latest technology deployed by Eureka and It comes complete with built in scale technology. With its 55mm burrs and adjustable forks, this grinder can be used with any portafilter size.

Complete with an Oversized gear adjustment Knob  (Infinite Adjustment), the Libra's oversized adjustment knob makes it easy to make micro-adjustments to dial in your coffee perfectly. 

After the launch of Mignon Libra at World Of Coffee in Milan, The revolutionary system Patent Pending that allows you these additional Features:

  • Zero Waste, thanks to:

1. Unique Anti-Vibration System that allow to complete the shot also in case of disturbances or hits on the filter holder.

2. Immediate stop of the grinding process in case of filter holder removal, exclusive of IGW Technology.

  • Super Quick, able to weigh the grind coffee into portafilter while grinding in real time.
  • Easy to use, thanks to an intuitive touch display
  • Special Fork designed to fit any portafilter, easy to regulate by hand without any extra tool.
  • Ready to use without effort, due to the calibration of the integrated weighing system made in our factory.

Do you want to know more? Download the dedicated brochure!

The Eureka Mignon Libra doserless grinder brings commercial build quality to the compact grinder market at an affordable price. This grinder has the longevity and presence to match your high end espresso machine, and it may be small, but it's a real work horse with the upgraded 55 mm Burrs.


  • The grinder features a unique, patent-pending system that allows you to grind by weight, instead of time.
  • The Mignon Libra comes with a special fork that fits any portafilter and can be adjusted by hand without any extra tool.
  • The grinder features an anti-vibration system that reduces grinding noise to provide a pleasant and quiet experience at any time of the day
  • Burrs - The Mignon Specialita's 55 mm flat burrs are made of hardened steel, treated with "Diamond-inside" technology.
  • Motor - The Eureka Mignon Specialita features a 260-watt motor running at 1350 rpm
  • Touch screen - The Eureka Mignon Specialita has a touch screen that allows for selecting between two doses or continuous grinding.
  • Silent Technology - The exclusive anti-vibration solution reduces the grinding noise by approximately 20 dB compared to the conventional grinders and paves the way for a new way of grinding coffee: accurate and quiet.
  • ACE System - Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity
  • Designed to prevent clumps and eliminate any electrostatic charge in ground coffee, the ACE System is the common denominator in every Eureka on-demand grinder. Due to its regulating action over coffee outflow, the ACE System ensures excellent cleanliness and dose consistency.
  • Hopper - The now iconically designed hopper of the specialita can hold 300 grams of whole beans.
  • Diamond Inside Burrs - Diamond Inside is Eureka's patented process of treating burrs at a temperature of -193 degrees C (patent pending). This results in the formation of an increased crystal structure that guarantees a superior wear resistance and life.
  • Diamond Inside can protect the sharpness of the burrs longer - that is, making burr-replacement necessary only after around 1000 kg - 1300 kg ground - that's 72222 cups of coffee (based on an 18-gram dose). For a typical household that consumes 4 cups of coffee a day, the burrs can last 49 years!
  • Colours Available : Black and White


12.4 cm


19.2 cm


39 cm


6.5 kg

Power Supply + Absorption

Wattage - 310 W

Voltage - 110/120 V

Burr Type

Flat [Hardened Steel]

Burr Diameter

55 mm

Revolutions Per Minute

1350 RPM


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