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The Everpure EV9707-04 Softening Cartridge is designed to reduce hardness in water that can cause minerals to build-up in coffee and espresso equipment.


  • For specialty coffee, espresso and ice tea applications  
  • Reduces minerals such as calcium and magnesium
  • May be used on water having up to 30 grains hardness per gallon (500 mg/L) at flow rates of up to 1/2 gallons per minute
  • Sanitary quick change cartridge makes replacement easy
  • Fits all existing Everpure heads but recommended as second cartridge in QC twin series head
  • No electrical connection required
  • Capacity: 2,000 grains softening
  • Twin Series Head required when using the 7SO cartridge with an MC2 cartridge.
Length 20.75"
Outer Diameter 3.25"
Capacity 2000 Grains per Gallon; 6-12 months
Filter Applications Scale Inhibitor
Cartridge Style Twist-off
Flow Rate 0.5 Gallons per minute
Operating Temperature Range 35-100 degrees Fahrenheit

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