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Faema E61 Jubilee ( AV) Espresso Coffee Machine 2 GROUPS

CaffeTech Canada presents the Faema E61 Legend. The E61 Legend is a remake of the Original E61 Espresso machine that revolutionized the Espresso industry with the introduction of thermo syphon circulation and Rotary pump espresso extraction.

In 1961, Faema  launched an absolutely innovative machine on the market, the E61 Espresso Coffee Machine . As back then, The Faema E61 Legend and Jubilee uses an internal heat exchanger to not only regulate brew temperature but also create steaming hot water. This design Allows for the operator to simultaneously brew coffee and steam milk. It’s design is principally based on Ernesto Valente’s design - Valente was the Mastermind behind Faema. Its this revolutionary design that made the E61 legendary and cutting edge. 

In fact, The E61 of 1961 was the first machine to utilize a Rotary pump for Espresso Brewing and pump pressure. 

The E61 Legend and Jubilee keeps the fascinating stainless steel design of its famous ancestor and enriches its technical features with those little technological transformations due to the passing of time like, for example, the built-in volumetric pump, which allows a notable room saving, the settable thermal balancing system, or the back display lighted by low emission LEDs to grant the operator's safety.

At CaffeTech Canada, we promote and support manufacturers who utilize the E61 Brew Groups in their machine manufacturing and design. E61 Brew Groups are used in both Heat Exchanger Espresso machines and Dual Boiler Espresso machines. In some cases manufacturers will introduce heat assist to the Brew Group to maintain greater temperature stability to enable better temperature control and requirements of the Group weighing 4.2 Kilograms.

CaffeTech Canada In-depth Explanation of E61 Group

Preinfusion process: Once the water inlet cam engages the  pre-infusion valve ( the valve located in the center of the group )  it allows water into the pre infusion chamber. Then in a momentary action , The infusion channel is pressurized and begins to make contact  with the coffee bed. This occurs at approximately 27 degrees rotation of the Cam. 

The preinfusion valve is responsible for it’s slow ramping of water through the grounds of coffee maximizing coffee solubility and coffee extraction . Once activated the preinfusion process wets and swells the ground coffee bed in preparation for the final water pressure delivered by engaging the pump   This preinfusion can be best maximized in a Direct Water application And best controlled with a water line pressure regulator set between 2-3 Bar ( 28-42 PSI) .  

Brewing process : After this Momentary preinfusion occurs the brewing valve (upper valve) then takes over as the cam moves to the 90 degree position by pushing water through the gicleur which is surrounded by a filter screen protecting the small orphic from sediment and other potential water debris. Various gicleur port sizes are introduced to regulate flow rates in the brewing process. (Typically .7 mm is standard) As we move water through the gicleur in the final stage of the brewing process the water is further dispersed through the porthole of the dispersion screw where it eventually is finally dispersed over a shower screen of 56.5 mm in diameter. 

Exhaust process: Once the desired amount of volume is disbursed through the Brewing process, then the cam is finally returned to its original resting position where it will come in contact with the lowest position valve in the group - the Exhaust Valve . 

Here the valve releases the brew pressure of 9-10 bar into the drain box  so that the portafilter assembly can be removed without any residual pressure .

At exactly 40 years from the birth of the myth E61, Faema introduces its celebratory version: the E61 Legend. CaffeTech Canada offers The Faema Legend and Jubilee  E61 is available in 1, 2 and 3 Group models. Make a statement on your Coffee Bar by revealing excellent brew quality, stylistic design and a part of world charm that immediately signifies to your clients that Coffee is not only about quality but also Art.  The Jubilee is the AV Version ( Auto Volumetric ) and the Legend utilizes the Manual Lever style of Coffee extraction Delivery. 
WEIGHT 112 lbs 132 lbs 176 lbs
HEIGHT 26.25" 26.5" 26.5"
WIDTH 22" 28" 37.5"
DEPTH 21.25" 21.25" 21.25"
VOLTAGE 220V 220V 220V
AMPS 30A  30A 30A
WATTS 3000W 4000W 5200W




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