This Italian made Friul Iota Commercial Centrifugal Juicer saves on space without compromising on power. The Iota is capable of the same rate of production as its larger relatives in the Friul family and the small footprint of this juicer makes it a winner for the smaller juice bar, or as an addition to the repertoire of any catering outlet.

Friul commercial fruit and vegetable juicers share some unique features designed in-house at their state-of-the-art factory in northern Italy. The patented clamping system with integral safety cut out means you can juice for longer periods without stopping.

From the blade to the switch, every component has the characteristic quality and attention to detail shared by the whole Friul range. The circular feed chamber is central over the blade, which means there is no uneven pressure on the heavy-duty motor bearings, giving a longer life. The blade is fixed to the robust stainless steel strainer basket by means of a central screw, which is also a knife that precuts the produce being juiced. The added grip given by the teeth on the bottom of the food pusher makes the Friul a firm favourite of ours for ease of feeding.

With a spin speed of 15,500 rpm the extraction of juice from pulp doesn’t get any better than with this machine. The juice quality is excellent with very little pulp content, which means your customers will be back for more.

Build quality is superb and the solid anodised aluminium body makes the Iota quieter than most other commercial juicers. With over 25 years pedigree, this tried and tested workhorse holds the strong visual appeal shared by the whole range, adding style as well as reliability to the equation.


  • Self cleaning strainer for continuous use - just flush with water occasionally
  • Food Pusher with second toothed disc stops food spinning when being processed
  • Patented blade screw for efficient direction of ingredients
  • Highly efficient juice yield for better return on ingredients
  • Solid construction of die cast aluminum and stainless juicing parts
  • Smallest footprint of a genuine professional juicer
  • Performs as well as any larger professional juicer
  • 15,000 RPM for ultra fast juice service
  • Double shredder disc

    Length (millimeters) 190 mm
    Width (millimeters) 190 mm
    Height (millimeters) 430 mm
    Weight (kilograms)

    Net - 7.0 kg

    Gross - 9.3 kg

    Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) 15,500 RPM
    Hourly Production (kilograms) 130 kg [maximum]
    Quantity Of Juice up to 75% 
    Power Supply + Absorption

    Wattage (W) - 400 W

    Amperage (A) - 1.6 A

    Voltage (V) - 230 V

    Hertz (Hz) - 50 Hz

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