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80 LEVA CLASS® - ACE SPEC comes equipped with everything our team at Ace Coffee Roasters believes is necessary to 'pull' the best from our coffee. Every Ace Spec machine is enhanced by the following:

  • Stainless steel boiler for corrosion and scale resistance, and longevity  
  • PID for precise and automatic temperature control 
  • Rotary steam and water valves 

LEVA CLASS® technology, the system designed and patented by La San Marco, improves the use of the mechanical extraction group and brings it in total compliance with international safety standards.

The brew group of the 80 Leva is completely mechanical and is robust and reliable as well as very easy to use and service. The coffee brewing is started and stopped manually by lowering the lever of each unit and releasing it slowly, repeating the operation to increase the dose. All models include a hot water wand and two steam wands.

80 LEVA CLASS® is available in versions with 2 or 3 groups with steam cup warmer and automatic level supplied standard.

2 Group
3 Group
4 Group
Width (millimeters) 720 mm 960 mm 1200 mm
Depth (millimeters) 545 mm 545 mm 545 mm
Height (millimeters) 445 mm + 345 mm 445 mm + 345 mm 445 mm + 345 mm
Weight (kilograms) 68 kg 88 kg 115 kg
Boiler Capacity (litres) 12.0 L 19.0 L 24.0L
Power Supply + Capacity Wattage (W) - 3500 W Wattage (W) - 5500 W Wattage (W) - 7000 W

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