Lelit Bianca 2 Espresso Machine Version 2

$2,850.00 $3,895.00

Lelit Bianca 2 Espresso Machine Version 2


CaffeTech presents the Lelit Bianca 2 Espresso Machine. With the Lelit Bianca 2, Lelit has combined the tried and trusted E61 group with innovative manual control of water flow into the group with a paddle. It features beautifully appointed wood accents throughout making it aesthetically desirable to other machines in its class while maintaining a very competitive price point. Utilising a dual boiler configuration, PID temperature control an E61 brewing group and a rotary pump, the Lelit Bianca 2 is one of the most desirable dual Boiler prosumer espresso machine in its class. 

Please contact Sales@caffetech.com for more information on the Lelit Bianca 2 Espresso Machine and to learn more about other Lelit Espresso Machines that can suit your home espresso needs.

  • PID and Dual Pressure Gauge: The Bianca 2 is equipped with Lelit's sophisticated PID system - called the LCC or the Lelit Control Centre, that features timed preinfusion, a reference timer, and a low-water level alert. A dual-pressure gauge on the other side of the machine measures both the boiler pressure (0-4 bar) on top and pump pressure (0-16 bar) on the bottom.
  • Moveable Water Tank: The Bianca 2 features an external and movable water tank that can be positioned on either side of the machine. having a water tank detached from the machine this way allows for the water in the tank to not heat up even after the machine has been on for hours.
  • Rotary Pump: Quiet operation and robust performance. The Bianca 2 can be run as a pour over machine using the included 2.5L water tank or it can be directly plumbed into your water main.
  • Dual Boiler: Separate boilers for steam production and for espresso production. Not only can you perform both functions simultaneously but you have full control over the temperature of each boiler.
  • E61 Grouphead: The Bianca 2 features the extremely well known and widely used E61 group head. The E61 is known for its temperature stability, durability and ease of use.
  • Stainless Steel Boiler: Both boilers in the machine are made out of stainless steel and not copper. Steel is a more robust material and is not susceptible to oxidization or corrosion.
  • No Burn Steam and Hot Water Wands: The machine is equipped with no burn steam and hot water wands that can be manipulated without worry about scolding your hands. Also, milk does not stick to a dual-walled steam wand as much as to a regular.
  • Wooden Accents: In addition to the portafilter handle wood crafted, the Lelit Bianca 2 also has wooden accents on steam and hot water knobs, lever, wooden paddle and feet. An additional feature of the wooden paddle on top of the group head is that it diffuses the heat that builds upon the group head.
  • Energy Savings: The Bianca 2 comes with a sophisticated energy-saving system that allows programming the stand-by time, after which the steam boiler is disabled. The coffee boiler maintains a temperature of 70° C and the efficiency of the warming cup surface is kept at 80%. When required, the machine returns in the full energy modes in just 10 minutes, offering this way a significant energy saving.
  • Measure the Real Extraction Pressure: Thanks to the manometer on the E61 group you can measure the real pressure on the coffee puck having a much more precise and accurate control of the coffee extraction.
  • Stainless Steel: The machine body and the drip tray are made with polished AISI 304 stainless steel, the king of all materials, which means a long life for the machine, a superior aesthetic look and easy cleaning.
  • Adjustable: The Bianca 2's feet are made of the same wood as all the other machine details and are adjustable in height. This allows great stability on any surface and, in the case of direct plumbing, allows the machine inclination to facilitate the water drain.
  • Energy Saving: The Bianca 2's is equipped with a sophisticated energy-saving system that allows programming the stand-by time, after which the steam boiler is disabled. The coffee boiler maintains a temperature of 70\u00b0 C and the efficiency of the warming cup surface is kept at 80%. The machine returns in the full energy modus in just 10 minutes, granting this way a significant energy saving.
  • Anti-Burn / Cool-Touch Wands: The Lelit Bianca 2 wands are all cool touch, to avoid any burn and have a new geometry to facilitate cleaning, avoid the limestone formation and allow a more satisfying user experience.
  • Re-positionable Water Tank with Automatic Coupling: The Bianca 2's water tank is seated in the stainless steel external backpack  to avoid a possible heating up of the water temperature. It can be repositioned on each of the three sides of the machine to better adapt itself to the available space. It can be easily removed to allow easy cleaning.
  • New Software in 2020 Model: The new 2020 model comes with brand new software on the LLC (the Lelit Control Centre) PID. Improvements include:

    The ability to disable the steam boiler with just one touch

    The ability to turn economy mode on or off

    The ability to switch to and from standby mode

    Displaying when the reservoir is out of water

    Displaying the steam boiler temperature

    The shot timer now displays for 20 seconds after ending extraction

  • Accessories: Complete portafilter with 1 shot and 2 shots filters, bottomless portafilter with 18/20 g filter, blind filter, 70 L water softener, Lelit stainless steel tamper with an aluminium handle, group cleaning brush, microfiber cloth, optional steam wand nozzle, accessories for direct water plumbing, espresso cup rack and coffee measuring spoon.

Width 11.4 in (290 mm)
Depth 19.1 in (485 mm)
Height 15.8 in (400 mm)
Weight 40.0 lbs (29 kg)
Boiler Capacity Coffee: 0.21 gal (0.8 L) // Steam: 0.42 gal (1.6 L)
Water Tank Capacity 0.66 gal (2.5 L)
Voltage 110/120 V
Wattage Coffee: 1000 W // Steam: 1400 W
Water Source Water Tank or Plumbed In
Boiler Type Dual Boiler
Pump Type Rotary Vane

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