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Table Top Super counter professional sheeter 3200/LM 32 – LM 42 ideal for fresh pasta shops, restaurants, pizzerias and pastry shops, suitable for making sheets for Fresh pasta, pastries and pizza. It features a pair of solid stainless steel polished rollers that ensure uniform rolling even for very thin sheets.


- COMPACT DESIGN it needs minimum space on the countertop.

- Rollers diameter 60 mm. - STURDINESS and mechanical precision 100% MADE IN ITALY - SIMPLICITY of the electric system for maximum reliability

- EASY disassembly of the dough feeding slide and the rear rollers to ensure comfortable and effective cleaning of the machine.

- FAST complete removal of the “pasta scrapers” that allows accurate everyday cleaning and easy replacement of the same.

- ABSOLUTE SAFETY for the operator thanks to the patented IGF solution that allows the introduction of the dough up to a thickness of mm 40. 

- EXCLUSIVE AND PATENTED micrometric thickness adjustment system with a convenient, sturdy and practical lever that acts on a GEAR system which enables continuously (without set times) and effortlessly to vary the OPENING OF ROLLS FROM ZERO TO 15 mm. This wide maximum opening allows the processing of dough with an initial thickness of 40 mm.

- EXCELLENT HANDLING of the dough thanks to the two idle rollers matched with the dough feeding chute.

- Final dough THICKNESS ADJUSTMENT with a practical and sturdy retaining bezel

- Fast hooking/unhooking SYSTEM for cutter-sheeter accessories, included.


LM32 LM42
Power 110V/60Hz 110V/60Hz
Width 550 mm 650 mm
Depth  303 mm 303 mm
Height  466 mm 466 mm
Weight  42.5 kg 49 kg

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