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Mahlkonig EK43 Allround Grinder Black

Caffetech Canada presents the Mahlkonig EK43 Allround Grinder. The Mahlkonig EK43 Allround Grinder has a special place in the Specialty Coffee Industry. The EK 43 has been one of the most significant pieces of equipment available to coffee professionals in the the last 20 years.
The Mahlkonig EK43  Is a consistent all-round grinder. The key to the EK 43 by Mahlkonig Is the consistency of grind with very few fines in the grind dosing translating to a more consistent cup of coffee that is never too bitter or astringent.  The other value add to the EK-43‘s manufacturing is the versatility on the styles of different ground coffee that the grinder can deliver. It has a large range taking it from batch brew all the way down to Turkish talc giving the user many different options and providing a great value to the equipment - The Dial Range on the front face is between 1-16 as setting indicators. Complete with a bag clip, a 2 hp motor, and a 98 mm Burr set, the EK43 by Mahlkonig really makes for an impressive and powerful grinder that will satisfy most busy cafe’s particularly where bag coffee sales are critical.  The EK 43 is  A classic design with horizontally mounted motor in the rear keeping the burr set  very cool with stylish on/off switches on the side and completed with  a 1 Kg beam hopper as a standard accessory. CaffeTech Canada measures a grind time of 22 g / second for the Mahlkonig EK43 which makes it a perfect grinder for specialty coffee operations that are serving plenty of pour over coffee.

The Mahlkonig EK 43 offered by CaffeTech Canada has incredible value, built strong, yet elegant in design with solid construction, the EK43 is great with an exceptional volume of grind production that serves a very busy cafe. 

The EK43 has been a big player in the international coffee specialty industry with high performance, reliability and premium grinding results. Please contact to learn more about other Mahlkonig grinders that can suit your professional coffee bar needs. 


  • Exceptionally robust grinder with high grinding capacity
  • Suitable for different grinding goods and different "finenesses" as e.g. turkish-fine and/or espresso grinding
  • Bags are simply clamped into the bag holder, no need to hold bags during the grinding process
  • The cleaning of the spout is simply done with the bag holder
  • Grind adjustment to the desired fineness is easily done by turning the grind adjustment knob
  • The hoppers can be locked with a slide plate to enable an easy exchange of hoppers with different grinding goods
Width 23.0 cm
Depth 55.0 cm
Height 67.0 cm
Weight 26.0 kg
Power Supply + Absorption

Wattage - 1300 W

Voltage - 110/120 V

Burr Type Flat [Cast Steel]
Burr Diameter 98mm
Revolutions Per Minute 1480 RPM


EK43 Alignment Tool Instruction Manual

Specs Sheet

Instruction Manual



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