Modbar Espresso AV - ABR


Modbar Espresso AV - ABR

Modbar Espresso AV - ABR has Built in scales for accuracy of beverage pours. Unlike the AV version which is focussed on volumetric pours and external tools to determine espresso accuracy, the ABR versions can insure every shot is the correct weight/yield.  After years  of collaborative R&D between Modbar and La Marzocco, and based on R&D from the Linea PB , Modbar Espresso AV comes with the same level of reliability, performance and temperature stability that made the Linea PB an industry icon.

CaffeTech presents the Modbar Espresso AV - ABR.  Since the introduction of the Modbar Espresso system (“Modbar EP”) and the Steam and Pour-Over systems in 2013, Modbar has responded to customer feedback from previous models placed in the field.  With the help of La Marzocco, Modbar introduced a new product improvement system, and brought R&D together with La Marzocco’s team. This collaboration has given Modbar  the resources needed to build an addition to the Modbar product line . 

The Modbar AV ABR is a ground-up rethink, engineered from scratch based on the footprint of the  original system. 

The Linea PB was designed to carry on the “workhorse” legacy of the Linea Classic, while also giving the barista new tools to prepare coffee more consistently.  What they've  ended up with is the next generation of the under counter category. Modbar AV delivers an elegant above-counter espresso tap with a simple barista interface, reliable auto-volumetric dosing, and the option of integrated scales to suit the modern cafe workflow. The Modbar Espresso AV ABR offered by CaffeTech answers every barista’s desire for a reliable, consistent, and beautiful machine that removes all barriers to remarkable hospitality. 

Speaking of temperature stability, we approached it a little differently for Modbar AV- ABR. In a typical above-counter machine, you’d make a large mass of water a constant temperature and keep the delivery pathway as short as possible. The Modbar AV - ABR is  designed to react instantly to changes. The Modbar AV- ABR uses not just temperature, but also time and usage to decide how to set the heating program. With several heating zones and multiple data inputs, Modbar is able to provide the same temperature stability of the Linea PB while separating the module and tap with 1.5 meters of tube. This ensures that every espresso is consistent and temperature stable, whether it’s your first shot dialing in the morning or in the middle of your busy rush.


  • Add-a-Tap: module supports two taps with no decrease in performance. The second tap can be added to a module at any point, so you can begin your cafe buildout with a single group and grow to two when your volume increases.
  • Linea PB Volumetrics and  Scales: Based on the design of the Linea PB, Modbar AV - ABR  delivers absolute consistency and reliability from shot to shot. Using scales, baristas can program brew ratios or brew by weight depending on their workflow.
  • Drip Prediction: La Marzocco has developed a new methodology for predicting when to stop a shot to hit the programmed target. The software maps the flow rate of each espresso shot and can accurately predict the future flow rate, so it can stop the shot without the need to program an offset.
  • Simplicity in Serviceability: Power, water and drain connections have been moved to the side of the module for easy technician access. Under the hood, techs can quickly and easily find what they need to fix, update, or replace
  • One Easy Power installation No additional power required to support two taps
  • Ideal for high-volume environments
  • Precise temperature stability, the same as the Linea PB
  • Simple controls and multi-position programmable lever
  • Dose by volume, weight or continuously
  • Auto back-flush and rinse programs

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