Modbar Espresso EP


Modbar Espresso EP

CaffeTech presents the Modbar Espresso EP- a  brand new machine in the Modbar lineup. Since the introduction of the Modbar Espresso system (“Modbar EP”) and the Steam and Pour-Over systems in 2013, Modbar has responded to customer feedback from previous models placed in the field.  With the help of La Marzocco, Modbar introduced a new product improvement system, and brought R&D together with La Marzocco’s team. This collaboration has given Modbar  the resources needed to build an addition to the Modbar product line . 
A gear pump – the same pump used in the La Marzocco Strada EP – provides precise pressure control to create unique extraction curves for each coffee. Store and share profiles using built-in USB ports for consistency throughout your cafes. Dual boilers, 3-zone PID temperature control, auto-backflush and rinse time and a real-time temperature and pressure readout make this the machine of choice for those serious about coffee and design.

The Modbar EP delivers an elegant above-counter espresso tap with an Interactive barista interface. The Modbar Espresso EP offered by CaffeTech answers every barista’s desire for a pressure profiling machine with complex features that allow the barista to manipulate pressure and customize the drink outcomes. ABR scales are nota an option on the EP

In a typical above-counter machine, you’d make a large mass of water a constant temperature and keep the delivery pathway as short as possible. The Modbar EP is  designed to react instantly to changes. The Modbar EP uses not just temperature, but also time and usage to decide how to set the heating program. With several heating zones and multiple data inputs, Modbar is able to provide the same temperature stability of the LaMarzocco EP while separating the module and tap with 1.5 meters of tube. This ensures that every espresso is consistent and temperature stable, whether it’s your first shot dialing in the morning or in the middle of your busy rush.


  • 3-zone PID temperature control and 2 progressive boilers
  • Sleek chromed tap can be customized for your aesthetic
  • Pressure profiling, volumetric dosing, & brew temp control
  • Auto back-flush and rinse programs
  • Multi-function brew lever, heated grouphead and shot time


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