Profitec PRO 600 Espresso Machine

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Profitec PRO 600 Espresso Machine

CaffeTech presents the Profitec PRO 600 Espresso Machine. The Profitec PRO 600 is a dual boiler espresso machine with a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) display, which can also be used as a single-boiler machine. Both boiler temperatures can be individually adjusted using the PID. The high-quality stainless steel housing with black side elements and the striking shaped steam and hot water wands give the PRO 600 a particularly extravagant look.

Please contact for more information on the Profitec PRO 600 Espresso Machine and to learn more about other Profitec Espresso Machines that can suit your home espresso needs.

  • Dual Boiler with Optional Single Boiler Use: The Profitec Pro 600’s 1L steam and hot water boiler and 0.75L brew boiler allow for simultaneous brewing and steaming. An added feature to the design is a steam boiler shut off, that lets the user save energy and heat up time with single boiler use.
  • Increased Steam Output: Compared to many of its contemporaries, the Pro 600 has a higher average steam output. The machine has an improved PID and safety valve, allowing steam pressure to reach 2 bar.
  • Updated Styling: The PRO 600 offers a fresh take on the traditional E61 aesthetic. With a custom stainless steel mushroom, striking black gauges, black side panels, and outward angled steam and hot water wands, this is a machine that definitely shakes things up a bit.
  • PID Temperature Controller: The PID is synonymous with temperature stability in the espresso industry. Rather than kicking on and off like a thermostat, the PID brings the machine up to temp and constantly maintains the ideal temperature with very little fluctuation. It allows the user to adjust the temperature of both boilers, and, as an added benefit, doubles as a shot timer during brewing.
  • E61 Group Head: The E61 group head truly is the industry standard. This commercial-grade component plays an integral part in temperature stability by syphoning hot water from the boiler through the group and back, so that the brew water flowing through it never loses a degree on its way to the cup.
  • Manually Adjustable Brew Pressure: Located behind the drip tray, this feature is perfect for the adventurous user who wants to get a bit more flexibility of use out of their machine. The brew pressure is constant at 9 bars; however, the Pro 600 allows for manual adjustments to be made by the user in order to achieve the desired user to manually adjust the brew pressure in order to achieve a different end result in flavour. 
  • Accessories: The Profitec PRO 600 comes with a single-spout portafilter, double-spout portafilter, a 1-cup filter, a 2-cup filter, a blind filter, a tamper, a cleaning brush and a manual.

Width 12.0 in (305 mm)
Depth 17.7 in (450 mm)
Height 15.5 in (395 mm)
Weight 52.9 lbs (24 kg)
Boiler Type Dual Boiler
Boiler Capacity Coffee: 0.20 gal (0.75 L) // Steam: 0.26 gal (1.0 L)
Water Tank Capacity 0.74 gal (2.8 L)
Voltage 110/120 V
Wattage 1400 W
Water Source Water Tank
Pump Type Vibratory




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