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PS1 3-Cup Pour Over Brewer- Poursteady - Black


PS1 - 3 Cup System  Poursteady - Black

CaffeTech presents the Poursteady PS1 3 Cup System - an intelligent pour over system designed to take out the guess work of pour over brewing. Long gone are the days of inconsistent pour overs from one barista to another. The coffee bar owner has the added benefit of less training and pre programming the pour over menu in the operation without over supervising the quality. This means consistent pour over coffee for the operation can be better controlled.  The Poursteady line of equipment has a sleek and attractive design that has the bulky hot water boiler concealed under the counter with the attractive and stylish font located up front on the counter. This design allows for effective interaction with the clients as they wait for their pour over coffees enabling barista to provide knowledgeable information on the various roasted coffees offered on premise.  

The Poursteady honours the craftsmanship of hand-brewed coffee while providing the consistency and speed necessary for commercial applications. Hand-built by a team of engineers, designers, and artists in Brooklyn, New York, it is the only machine that delivers a steady stream of hot water poured through a gooseneck spout with robotic precision and humanlike grace.

Roasters, baristas, and shop owners tailor the machine’s recipes to their coffee offerings with variable pour patterns, volumes, and pauses to ensure that each cup best represents the collective effort behind it, every single time.

The Poursteady offered through CaffeTech is controlled by the poursteady app which gives flexibility to user data that provides excellent feedback. 

The Poursteady font system may be deployed with the Marco Uber boilers or the Wilbur Curtis Corinth. Reach out to to learn more about the installation and support on the Poursteady equipment.

Compatible under counter hot water boilers:

  • Marco Uber UC4 
  • Marco Uber UC10
  • Marco Uber UC45
  • Wilbur Curtis Corinth



Increase your throughput to be serving coffee 1 cup about every 60 seconds.

Deploy to All Machines

Instantly deploy your new recipe to all of your Poursteady machines everywhere.


Each recipe you program on a station is repeated exactly the same way, every time you press the button.

Custom Recipes

Dial-in your roasts with custom pour pulses, varying pour patterns, all using our professional cloud-based interface.

Dimensions Width: 24-3/8″
Height: 18-5/8″
Depth: 7-7/8″
Power Input 110/240VAC, 50/60Hz 1.4A
Output 24V DC 2.5A 60W Max

NSF Sanitation
NSF Electrical (tested to UL 197)
KCC and CE


Networking Setup An ethernet connection, or a secured WiFi network with a password.
Under Counter Boiler Boiler connects to cold water mains via the provided 3/8″ NPT male fitting.
Plumbing Water supply and 3/4″ diameter drain below the counter to be installed within 24″ of cutout in counter.

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