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The new Q2 Puqpress automatic coffee tamper offers the latest in precision technology to provide a consistent tamping experience for every cup of coffee.



New Nano Non-Stick Head The new Nano Technology non-stick coated tamper head reduces coffee build up. This will keep your Puqpress cleaner for longer, however, we still advise that you give your Puqpress a 1 minute clean at the end of every day to ensure that it is tamping at its best. Suits All Portafilters! We have optimised the shape of the lower clamp to now support all portafilters! So it does not matter whether your cafe as Naked, Single Spout, Double Spout or any combination of the 3; the Q2 Puqpress will work admirably with any portafilter you use it with.

The Puqpress also suits all Portafilter sizes from 53mm - 59mm with adjustable tamping pressure of 1kg to enable you to dial in the perfect extraction from your espresso machine.

Updated Design The Q2 Puqpress features tweaked and optimised the fame design to provide an even stiffer and stable product during the tamping process. This provides a perfectly even and consistent tamp every time.We've had to redesign the look of the Puqpress from the ground up to accommodate the stiffer frame. This has given us a chance to update the design in accordance with the current industrial design trends, giving you both form and function all in one package.

New Easily Adjustable Lower Clamp One the biggest changes to the Q2 is the easily adjustable lower clamp wheel. This will greatly help to simplify the setup of your Puqpress. This adjustment wheel is built to last, made with an all metal construction from the weel all the way to the top of the lower clamp, giving you peace of mind that you can adjust your Puqpress for years to come without any worry that this mechanism will fail on you.

Speed Up Workflow Proven to increase workflow by 30% Reduce Barista injuries Easily eradicate RSI, shoulder injuries and other physical injuries caused by manual tamping Improves Espresso Quality Creates perfect espresso shots every time regardless of which barista is in shots Level Tamping Great espresso shots require a perfectly flat tamp.

With Puqpress you will get aa robotic precision every time. Consistent Pressure Digitally adjustable tamping pressure from 10-30kg of delivered pressure. Adjustable in steps of 1kg.

DESIGN: Upper Clamp Thanks to the patented clamping mechanism, Puqpress can be used with all portaflters. Lower Clamp Adjusted to make a perfect ft with your favourite portaflter.

Sensor Place the portaflter and the tamper is activated automatically Cleaning Featuring a special cleaning mode for the tamper disk. Setting Pressure can easily be set between 10 -30 kg.

The display shows the pressure at which the tamper is set.

Adjustable height for different types of portafilters. This height can be adjusted manually using an Allen key;

Clean mode for cleaning;

1 year warranty.

Approval: CE, CB, KTC, cETLus, EAC, EMC, NSF-8. Net weight: 4 kg (8.8 lbs)

Suitable for: All types of portafilters, all brands, single or double spouts.

Tamper diameter: 54 -59 mm (customised, tolerance +/- 0.1 mm)

Tamper shape: flat bottom, other designs on request.

Adjustable pressure: 10-30 kg, (+/- 1 kg), 20-60 lbs (+/- 2 lbs)

Cycle duration: 1.3 sec.

Dimensions (L X H X D) (mm)   286x184x140
Weight (kg) 4
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