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The hand-built Rocket ‘Appartamento’, from Italy, is notable for its power and high performance, while also boasting a beautiful and stylish design. One of the more serious brands for commercial espresso machines used in cafes around the world, this smaller Rocket model offers similar functionality, while being compact enough for home use. Equipped with Rocket’s high-end heat exchange boiler system and best-of-class group head design, this machine provides the ultimate experience in perfectly pulled Italian espressos made from the comfort of your own home. Now is Four Colour Options.

Rocket Appartamento Features:

  • Heated Brew Head: The brew head is kept at a constant temperature to ensure consistently hot espresso shots.
  • Commercial-grade portafilters: 58mm, with spouts for single and double espressos.
  • Manual controls, ideal for serious users: While anyone can learn to easily make their own perfect espressos with this machine, the manual system allow for greater finesse than the electronic push button controls of many competitors.
  • Beautiful retro design: While this is a thoroughly modern machine built with high performance components inside, on the exterior it has a distinctly classic, Italian-engineered look, complete with shiny mirrored steel and tactile turn-knobs. This one of the better looking machines available on the market, and will certainly add character to your home.
Width 10.8"
Depth 17.3"
Height 14.2"
Weight 44.1 lbs
Boiler Capacity 1.8 L
Water Tank Capacity 2.25 L
Volts 110/120 V
Wattage 1200 W
Boiler Type Heat Exchanger
Temperature Control Pressure state
Water Source Internal Water Tank
Pump Vibratory


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