Spiral Kneading Machine with fixed head 3000


IGF, making use of its forty years experience in the sector and in collaboration with master pizza chefs, has created the new series 3000 dough kneading machine. This ultra compact machine has been specially designed with the help of master pizza chefs for the special needs of pizza parlours and bakeries requiring professional kneading machines that can work small and medium quantities of dough (starting from a few kilogrammes) with a high rpm of the spiral hook for a better hydration of the dough.

The distinctive features of this machine are:
- Elegant and innovative design that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.
- Strong and silent (max. 60dB) thanks to the compact mechanism and special
shape of the steel support frame.
- Double reduction gearbox in an oil bath with independent drives for bowl and
hook rotation.
- Two-speed spiral hook.
- Reverse bowl rotation to improve dough pick-up during the initial kneading
phases and to increase oxygenation.
- Automatic machine operation controlled by a circuit board with dual timer (for
the two hook speeds) with easy to use and accessible controls mounted on the
front of the head.
- Bowl rotation with manual control button for easy emptying.
- Combined multi-rotation system of the forged spiral hook, appropriately shaped
to obtain a homogeneous dough at the optimum temperature.
- Robust dough breaker, with adjustable height and distance from the hook
which, together with the special end profile of the hook, allows perfect cleaning
of the bowl and also allows small amounts of dough to be prepared
- Wrap-around pan guide rollers to prevent the bowl from flexing.
- Pan protection grill in stainless steel with anti-drip profile and front opening to
allow other ingredients to be added.
- Lateral base anchors to stabilise the kneading machine during the kneading process.
- Solid wheels that retract into the frame for rapid positioning of the machine
under the worktop or anywhere else.
- Electrical system with low voltage controls, thermal protection of the motors
and emergency stop button

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