Spiral Kneading Machine with fixed head 3100 Minima

The distinctive features of this machine are:
- Attractive and innovative design that gives the machine its compact dimensions,
making it suitable for worktop use. Thanks to its compact size
it can be positioned on your kitchen worktop for making dough for homemade
pizzas, bread, etc. It is also fitted with rubber feet for perfect grip
and stability.
- Even with its reduced size, the kneading machine is fitted with a reduction
gearbox in an oil bath as in professional kneaders, and is just as robust and
silent (max 60 dB) thanks to the form of its steel frame.
- Combined hook and bowl multi-rotation system. Forged spiral hook, appropriately
shaped to obtain a homogeneous dough at the optimum temperature.
- Single arm stainless steel protection with anti-drip profile distinguishing it
from all other machines on the market.
- Small head designed to make bowl empting easier.
- Perfect for working small quantities of special flours (gluten-free, wholemeal
and semi-wholemeal) to satisfy customers requiring these types of
- The version with inverter allows the speed of the hook to be continuously
varied between 53 and 125 rpm. At maximum speed, it is possible to work
doughs with high water contents and produce excellent results.
- Electrical system with low voltage controls and thermal protection of the
- The machine is supplied in the following colours: White, Red, Black.

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