SLG-10 Grinder



The Single Low Profile coffee grinder provides fully automatic operation; with infinitely adjustable grind settings from extra-coarse to extra-fine grinding.. The highly accurate and consistent throw allows for even distribution, as well as dust reduction. The gemini match profile provides a wider base than competitive models. The self-adjusting brew rails never extend beyond housing with larger baskets. The SLG's positive flow auger results in uninterrupted coffee dispensing.



  • Fully Automatic Operation.
  • Solid State, Dual Range Timers - Ensures Precise Portion Control In All Portion Sizes.
  • Models Ilg & Islg “Interlock” With Gemini Systems - To Create A Foolproof Fresh-Grind/Fresh-Brew Coffee Center.
  • Infinitely Adjustable Grind Settings - From Extra-Coarse To Extra-Fine Grinding.
  • Fully Adjustable Portion Size - 1 Oz. To 27 Oz. (20 Oz. On Ilg And Islg)
  • Larger Hopper Capacity Than Competitive Models - Reduces Labor Costs With Less Frequent Refills.
  • Full-Size Models: Shg: Single 6 Lb. Hopper Dhg/Ilg:Dual 7.5 Lb. Ea. Hopper.
  • Low-Profile Models: Slg: Single 5 Lb. Hopper Islg:Single 5 Lb. Hopper.
  • One-Button Grinding - Automatically Stops When Portion Is Fully Distributed.
Width 8.0"
Depth 14.5"
Height 20.7"
Weight 43 lbs
Timer Dual Range/Solid State
Phase  1
Power Supply + Absorption

Voltage - 120 V

Amperage - 8.0 A

Hertz - 60 Hz

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