Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder Burrs 33M / 33D - 64 MM

$79.95 $90.00

 Mazzer Super Jolly  Grinder Burrs 33M / 33D - 64 MM

Replacement burr set for the Mazzer Super Jolly in 64 MM .. External ø 64 mm - internal ø 37 mm, thickness 8.4 mm with 3 fixing holes. Flat Burr -genuine OEM part 33M / 33D. CaffeTech Canada continues to be a solid parts source for Mazzer commercial and domestic grinders.  CaffeTech Canada provides the complete OEM original Burr Sets for all Mazzer grinders from the Mazzer Mini up through the entire product range to the Mazzer ZM. 

 All Mazzer Grinder Burr Sets are in stock and ready to ship across Canada and the United States . All  Mazzer grinder Burrs are coded as per the Mazzer Parts code and can be referenced in the CaffeTech Canada Mazzer parts schematics. 

Mazzer grinder burrs are not interchangeable and should be cross referenced as per the exact Mazzer Grinder model .  Contact

 if you need any assistance on choosing the correct burr set replacement. 

  • Espresso Grinder Flat Burr Set

  • Hardened Steel

  • 64 mm Outside Diameter.

  • Flat burr

  • genuine Mazzer OEM 

  •  external ø 64 mm 

  • internal ø 37 mm

  • thickness 8.4 mm

  •  3 fixing holes

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